Monday, April 21, 2008

I am down to one nerve and Merrit Clifton is on it!

For those of you who may not know who Merritt Clifton is, if you disagree with breed specific legislation, I guarantee you, you won't like what Mr. Clifton has to say.
I received a heads up on an article out of Colorado about breed specific underwriting in the insurance business. 
Upon reading the beginning of the article, I got the impression the article was painting the true picture of skewed logic in insurance discrimination; however there always seems to be a but. (or butt, depending on which end you look at)
Quoting the HSUS is never a good thing, and beyond that quoting Merritt Clifton is definitely never a good thing!
Luisa, at Lassie Get Help, wrote a good article critiquing Merritt Clifton. This article has two parts. Here is the link to the second part. I think Merritt possibly did one too many hallucinogenic drugs in the 60's, because he seems to have carried some of the after effects forward into his studies and reports.
On the upside, my optimistic self truly feels there is going to be a distinct change of mind in the near future. I truly believe the 'thinking' people are starting to become more savvy to the fear mongering campaign. There is a cross section of the population, subject to the nonsensical spewing of the hard core monger. As for the rest of us, we are onto it...
Clifton, you are on the watch list! There is quite a colourful list of mongers, however thanks to technology we are hip to most. When you consider the odds of mongers per capita, there is a minute fraction of the population who dream up the fictitious crap. Fictitious crap that has NO scientific evidence, which at the end of the day you can try and try to stand behind a load of crap but it is still a load of crap. Unfortunately the media buys crap by the dump load. They must think it is a hell of a deal...
Keep the faith people that the people who follow the crap preachers are an even smaller cross section of the population. I like to call them trogs...

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