Friday, October 24, 2008

Ontario Court of Appeal holds up the ban

It's a sad day for rights in Ontario, and in Canada. 
Here is the ruling:
So Ontario continues to ban a breed that does not exist, as well as three rare breeds that do exist, and anything that is substantially similar to those breeds.  Substantially similar.  If you own a dog with short hair, I'd consider moving if you like your dog.  Only where to?  What Province might next pass an unnecessary law, which by the way some municipalities refuse to even enforce because it's so convoluted and ridiculous?
I guess I still can't go home.  This ruling proves once again that the media truly is the largest powerholder in our country.  To have the bill introduced on a rash of unbalanced media coverage.  To have that coverage viewed in the same manner as numerical data would be viewed in both the legislature and in the court system.  Wow, that's an amazing gain of power for the media.
Visit for a great article on this decision.  I can't say it any better, and I am, quite frankly, too depressed at the moment to even try.

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