Sunday, December 7, 2008

An interesting study by Susan Hunter and Richard A. Brisbin Jr.

Here is a study that's an interesting read, Panic Policy Making: Canine Breed Bans in Canada & the US by Susan Hunter and Richard A. Brisbin Jr.

I kind of like the title.  That's exactly how it happens:  Hype, panic, bad law to 'protect the public'.  There are several examples in history of this being the method of passing laws, the US Patriot Act, a reactive law made in the heat of the moment, in hindsight is viewed as overly intrusive by many Americans.  I digress.
I found it interesting to read the background to the Ontario law, even though it is information already known to me.  Give it a read.  Then, as always, I ask you to please donate.  Tell people.  Get the message out that this is a bad law that needs to be changed.

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