Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The aftermath: How could anyone still support HSUS?

I am in tears...

In the few years of fighting this evil battle I have grown a much thicker skin. In my mind that is not a good thing; however one must "toughen" up to be able to function in this business of fighting for the right to own pets. How incredibly sad it has come to this.

There are still many people out there that shake their head when I say "right to own pets". Many have still not popped their head out of the sand long enough to see the real agenda of animal liberation groups.

Yesbiscuit has an excellent post containing John Goodwin's response to the NC dog slaughter.

Lassie Get Help has another excellent post! It is a must read.
It is entitled "Worse Than Vick".

Bad Rap also gives another slant.
The post is called "Numb".

There are links at the bottom of the posts giving other links to information. Please crosspost to every single person you know. HSUS is still being supported, along with all their wicked, evil, twisted step sister organizations that all belong to the animal liberation family. 

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