Friday, March 20, 2009

Is HSUS fabricating stories to further their agenda?

I came across an interesting article written by a physician named Joe Abraham from Louisianna.

Dr. Abraham points out that something smells fishy in the HSUS camp (my words no offense to fish). I have been wondering that very thought for quite some time now. I have jokingly asked whether the animal liberationist "hidden videos" of many sectors such as research labs, slaughter houses and puppy mills, are shot in some movie set in Hollywood? I don't doubt that substandard conditions are alive and well in any given sector however I do question the hysteria and common occurrence we are being led to believe. I do not believe there is just cause to threaten an entire industry such as farming or dog breeding. It is a knee jerk reaction to legislate sweeping laws based on the word of an animal liberationist group known for "dramatic effect" shall we say. Much research and input must be deliberated when entire industries are threatened. Emotion must not be the driver but rather common sense.

Wednesday night, Nightline airs a story of a Humane Society undercover videographer, showing "horrific" video of primates at the UL New Iberia Research Center. The very next morning, the Humane Society announces that three Congressman are re-introducing a bill to abolish critical medical research. Is the Humane Society fabricating a story to further its political agenda?

Read Dr. Abraham's article here.

It is worth a read.

Another great article I stumbled across on a website called Animal Rights or Human Responsibility.

The article "The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Animal Rights Activism within the HSUS Cloak of Animal Welfare", discusses the beginnings of HSUS were animal welfare based but have morphed into a consistent animal rights agenda.

The other article that caught my eye was "Held to a Higher Standard than Human?" 

Picture it … there’s a knock on your door.  When you answer, you are met by a child protective services official announcing they are here to inspect your home.  You ask why, they won’t tell you.  When asked for a warrant, you are told they don’t need one since you have 3 children. They stroll through your house, tsking over the dishes in the sink  to examine your child’s hands and ears.  With a declaration of  “Just what we thought” all your children are gathered up and seized.  Why? “Neglect, nails are too long and uncleaned ears”
It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?  Yet pet owners breeders are being subjected to this treatment in increasing numbers as a direct consequence of two factors: ambiguous legislation, often touted as “Puppy Mill legislation”  and the purposeful mis-use of powerful words such as ‘abuse’ & ’neglect’.  The combination of these factors can be devastating.

All of the above are great articles. Food for thought...

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