Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Supreme Court of Canada denies appeal

Today the Supreme Court of Canada denied the leave for appeal. 

It is a dark day for Canada. 

This law strips the rights of law abiding citizens. 

This law is based on pure and simple propaganda and lies.

This law allows legislators to flippantly strip anyone of their rights and base it on opinions from dog catchers and media hype, not from scientific evidence! 

This law allows legislators to substitute their own opinions (or political agenda) of what is of value in this country and what isn't. What is morally acceptable and what isn't. What you can own or not own, what you can eat and not eat. What you can drive and not drive. Where you can smoke after they sell you the cigarettes in the first place. We all get it! Some things in life are bad for us, however you can't legislate against STUPIDITY and that is what they are trying to do, instead of educating those who need it. Those of us who are law abiding citizens are being forced into paying the price for the SMALL minority of people who make bad choices. That my friends is called EROSION OF CIVIL RIGHTS!

This law is still wrong and unconstitutional. 

This law has murdered thousands of good dogs not because they were dangerous or even because they were a certain “breed” of dog. They were killed because somebody who was unqualified to deem them as such; deemed them a 'pitbull'. 

For the record, there is NO PERSON qualified to deem a cross bred dog by breed or identify a cross bred dog's breed, because it is impossible to do so without doubt. That folks is why reverse onus was inserted to the law!

The Ontario Liberal government has used the precedence of this law for other bad laws. Your rights are being eroded as I write this post and sadly many people do not care or understand the magnitude of what that means! You just wait and I will be first in line to say “I told you so”. If past legislation is a predictor for future legislation, get ready for a wild ride on the legislation bus from HELL. The Fiberals still have 2 years to continue their preaching legislating of twisted propaganda, far right wing agenda and nanny state policies. 

Dogs love to roll over, but I sure don't! I won't be rolling over any time soon. I sure hope you won't either.

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