Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Liberal" Ontario?


A single mother licensing her mongrel dog during a door-to-door campaign has her pet identified as a 'pit bull' on the spot. The dog is slated for destruction.
A show dog of a restricted breed escapes the yard for a few minutes. Animal Control arrives demanding evidence that the dog has been entered in a sanctioned show during the past year. Otherwise, the dog will be killed for being intact.
A woman is walking her restricted dog in compliance with the law. Someone shouts from a car that "all 'pit bulls' and their owners should be shot" then throws a bottle at her. It misses - this time.
A dog is being walked with a muzzle as the law mandates. An off-lead dog attacks her, tearing the muzzle off. She doesn't fight back. Animal Control arrives and seizes the victimized dog for being unmuzzled in a public place. The dog languishes in isolation at the pound for months awaiting 'trial'.


If these stories - all of them true - and many others like them upset you, blame the McGuinty Liberals. Anti-dog sentiment in Ontario is a direct result of their irresponsible campaign against both mongrel and purebred dogs.

Key portions of the law were struck down as unconstitutional at the Ontario Superior Court level. In the appeal, we lost the ground we gained in a decision to uphold and restore the law to its original meaning. The Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear our appeal. 

Bill 222 a Private Members Bill was introduced November 18, 2009 by NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo, Highpark/Parkdale MPP. The Bill was met with applause from quite a few Liberal MPP's. McGuinty was not present in the house that day. The Bill passed first reading! The second reading is not slotted until fall 2010. 

Write your MPP's and engage them on this issue. Let them know how you feel. Let them know the impact this has had on your life. Educate them. 

The next provincial election in Ontario is October 2011. We must get rid of the Liberal's. Begin conversation with your MPP now. Educate yourself who is running in your riding and find out which candidate had the best chance to win against the Liberal. Offer to help with the campaign. 

Dog bites have increased in Ontario since the 'breed' ban was enacted. There have been 3 fatalities since the enactment of the ban. None of the dogs were so called "pitbulls".

Licensing is still at 10% compliance. Leashing is not enforced. We have no provincial bite database. Animal services divisions remain understaffed and under-equipped.

Every informed dog owner in this province knew the ban wouldn't work because it hasn't worked anywhere else!

Bans have been repealed in many jurisdictions worldwide based on the ineffectiveness. Holland and Italy to name two. 


We MUST ENSURE THAT THE NEXT GOVERNMENT formed in Ontario is willing to work with the experts to produce legislation that has been proven effective. THAT GOVERNMENT WILL NOT BE THE McGUINTY LIBERALS.

We NEED EVERYONE to contact their local riding association to volunteer some time on the next campaign. TELL ALL your friends and family they must vote and spell out for them why the Liberals must be rejected.

Get involved or you cannot count on your right to own your breed of choice. Visit these sites to
learn how you can help to Reject the McGuinty Liberals.

Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario:

New Democratic Party of Ontario

Green Party of Ontario

Everyone must VOTE! First time voters must register to vote! Voter turnout is urgent. Cross party lines if you must! Think carefully about “watered down vote”. Think about split votes and how they can allow the Liberals to slide up the middle.

The SITUATION IS URGENT! ALL DOG OWNERS ARE UNDER ATTACK with warrantless entry, unreasonable search and seizure, reverse onus and more already in place for ALL breeds, not just so-called 'pit bulls'. It's not about 'pit bulls' - it never was.



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