Friday, March 26, 2010

PETA's animal 'care' & control 'specialist' is full of CRAP!

Special Letter: Rescued pit bulls not family pets

As someone whose work involves rescuing pit bulls from abuse, I urge Livingston County Animal Control to continue protecting pit bulls by retaining the agency's current policy against adopting them out ("Livingston animal shelter extends adoption time, may drop 'bully breed' ban," March 15). We all wish for happy endings, but pit bull adoptions often end in tragedy.
Every day, PETA staffers meet sad and lonely pit bulls who have been trapped for years at the ends of heavy chains with nothing but bare patches of dirt and plastic barrels for shelter (if they're lucky), trembling in fear, full of heartworms, ribs protruding, and scarred all over from fights. In winter, they shiver from the cold and in summer, they are eaten alive by flies, fleas and ticks. They are often physically abused and starved, sometimes to death, for losing in illegal dogfights, or for being "bad guards," or "not mean enough."
Nice families rarely visit shelters in search of pit bulls, and pit bulls from unknown backgrounds don't always make good family additions. No one wants to end the euthanasia of animals at shelters more than those holding the syringe, but supplying pit bulls to dogfighters and those seeking "macho" status symbols and cheap security systems aren't solutions. Spaying and neutering to prevent more pit bulls from coming into the world is.
Teresa Lynn Chagrin ,
Animal Care & Control Specialist, PETA,
Norfolk, Va.

Teresa Lynn Chagrin you are so full of shit!
Take your pitty party and go back to the hole you climbed out of!
Way to hurl spreading the propaganda to further PETA's agenda, which is slaughtering helpless animals while preaching you are working in the "best interest" of animals, or in this case short haired mutts. 
Take your twisted views and shove them up your ass. 
Do you think we can't read? Do you think we don't know how many thousands of innocent animals PETA slaughters every year, all while taking millions of dollars from people who actually can't read!

If you are still a Bob Barker, Pam Anderson or any other PETA wanker celebrity supporter, please do yourself a favor and have a read of the following links.

The Butcher of Norfolk

The Butcher of Norfolk (4th Edition)

When you are finished reading Nathan's blog posts, do a little research. It isn't hard to scratch up information that will make your hair curl. 

Why, do you ask, would people want to harm innocent animals? 





Not sure, just guessing. If you think about giving any money or support to any organization, you should do your research. It is your money, far be it from me to tell you how to spend it, but I suspect that if people know the truth about what that money is going toward, they may change their contribution recipient?


  1. Protect them by killing them?

    Okay, let's apply the same logic to the children of PETA people.

    PETA is one sick, twisted bunch. PETA's tax-free status must be revoked.

  2. Pam Anderson as a PETA spokesperson makes me absolutely crack up with laughter.

    The woman has inches of cosmetics smeared on her face, a hair colour never seen in nature, and Uggh boots made from animals. Way to hurl.

    All the B-listers flock to PETA in the hope of rejuvenating dead careers. They're whoring themselves for another 15 minutes, without thought or regard for the impact. A$$holes.