Friday, January 21, 2011

Dalton McGuinty is responsible for this insanity!

I'm so tired of being in a constant state of pissed offness...

So here's the deal..

There was a dog attack yesterday in Vaughan that involved an irresponsible owner of an 8 yr old female German Shepherd Dog. The owner went into a convenience store and while he was shopping his dog (that was off leash and unattended) attacked 3 different people. 

A 66 yr old man was ripped up pretty good. He needed 20 stitches to his arm and face. He said he could see the bone through the wound on his arm. The dog knocked out his dentures and bit him in the face and arm then attacked two other people. 

The owner of the dog as well as the dog are seen on surveillance video. He continued to shop and when he saw the dog had attacked people he ran out of the store and took off!

The news story on City TV says the owner is not facing charges under DOLA! The dog is quarantined and no charges are being laid. 

The 66 yr old man is having to undergo rabies shots. You know what that means don't you? They only pursue rabies shots if the attacking dog is not found OR the owner had not vaccinated the dog! This would also mean the dog is obviously not licensed since you need to vaccinate your dog in order to get a dog licence. 

Here is the link to the story and video at City TV.

So this is how this situation boils down..

You've got Danny in Mississauga who is charged with a provincial offence under DOLA for owning a "pitbull" that was born after 2005. He was reported by a vet in Mississauga while taking his dog in to be neutered! His dog was sold to him as a Rottweiler/Boxer cross and was licensed with the city as such. This cost Danny a lot of money in lawyer's fees, and two long years of not knowing if they were going to take his dog and kill it based on how it looked! 

The ban has never had anything to do with public safety, dog or human behavior or anything that is in the "sane" category. The ban has always been about appearance and insanity. Robert Charney, council for the AG's office stated in court during our case admitted (There is NO SUCH THING AS A "PITBULL" YOUR HONOUR)! The government council also stated in court that the ban was never about reducing dog bites, but rather it was intended to stop "pitbull" bites! 

Remember, the word "pitbull" is a slang term for an appearance of a dog. Any cross bred dog can be identified as a "pitbull" since it doesn't matter what the owner says the dog is, it is what the animal control officer/peace officer identifies the dog as. Then it is up to the owner to prove the dog is not a "pitbull" under the reverse onus portion of the amendment. Proving your dog is not a "pitbull" is an impossible feat.

Let's not forget Phillip and Ginger. Ginger was attacked by an off leash Border Collie type dog. Ginger was leashed and muzzled and out for a walk. The Border Collie ripped the muzzle off Ginger's face and she retaliated. Phillip was charged and Ginger was seized. Ginger spent 3 1/2 yrs in the pound. She was sprung when Clay Ruby took over the case. In the end the appeal was lost and the court reinstated the destruction order on Ginger! No charges were placed on the Border Collie owner!

So this is what we are left with in Dalton McGuinty's Ontario.

I have never in my life felt so sick about the state of affairs of our province as in the past 7 yrs of Dalton McGuinty's reign. 

DOLA has been a law on the books since 1876. We need the Dog Owner's Liability Act. It is there to protect the public from irresponsible dog owners however it has so rarely been used until the ban was added in 2005 to erraticate the province of the fictitious "pitbull" and the three incredibly rare purebred breeds (less than 1000 dogs all 3 breeds combined) that got thrown under the bus based on appearance.

We have idiot owners letting their dogs run amok, biting and attacking people with no consequences, but hundreds of owners of dogs who own dogs that "look" like they might be a dangerous breed (which is pure bullshit/no such thing as a dangerous breed) that have destruction orders placed on their dogs for minding their own business!

For DOG'S sake and the sake of public safety, PLEASE vote Dalton McGuinty and his minions out in October, 2011!   


  1. Fuck you Dalton McGunity!!! I hope I see you on the street one day so I can kick your fucking ass!!

  2. Don't forget the douchebag Michael Bryant whose idea of banning these breeds for political gain started this BSL in Ontario.

    Here's an interesting link about how Michael Bryant gets off for attempted murder while cheating on his wife as well as the idea of BSL for political gain.