Sunday, September 9, 2012

New York State prohibits Breed Specific Legislation

More fantastic repeal news, this time from New York State! Last month was the state of Massachusetts, which was hot on the heels of Ohio. 

Kudos to the Long Island Coalition of Dog Fanciers for pushing to have a Bill put through Senate to prohibit BSL in the state. 

On September 3 New York became the 12th state to prohibit passage of breed-specific legislation. 

Get with the program Dalton McGuinty! 

Discriminatory laws against dog owners based 

on appearance as opposed to behaviour is 


Dalton McGuinty you are out of date! 

Repeal BSL in Ontario. 

The dog owners of Ontario demand the 

McGuinty Government bring Bill 16 for vote in

the legislature immediately! 

For more information about the New York state law click here.

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