Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Pit bull" coloured glasses?

I have a theory...

When the Ontario Liberal Government enacted the ban against three purebred breeds and anything substantially similar, what they call "pit bulls", they needed some way of identifying short haired mutts. 

Since there is no reliable way to identify mix breed dogs by breed, and there is no person, regardless of profession can correctly identify them either, they needed a solution.

The government sent out special glasses to all animal control officers throughout the province. Some jurisdictions such as Ottawa, didn't receive their glasses. They went public and stated they would not be identifying mix breed dogs as "pit bulls" since there is no reliable identification process. 

You have heard the saying, "seeing the world through rose coloured glasses". 

Well this is "seeing the world through 'pit bull' coloured glasses. 

If you put them on, every dog looks like a "pit bull". 

Here is a sampling of dogs identified by animal control officers in Ontario. 

Seriously, they must be looking through "pit bull" glasses. I have looked and looked at these pics and I don't see it. 

It's possible the OLP sent them out to main stream media outlets as well. 


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  1. too bad it's so sad or it would be hilarious!