Monday, July 31, 2017

A Picture Says a 1000 Words

Picture used with permission 

They say a picture says a 1000 words.. 

This picture was taken in Montreal's NDG Borough. Montreal's new bylaw bans ownership of new "pit bulls" outright or "pit bull" types in the city's 19 boroughs. The new rules made it mandatory for Montrealer's who currently own a "pit bull" to obtain a special permit by March 31, 2017. Anyone who fails to comply can face a fine ranging from $300 to $700.

Here is a link to the bylaw.

The reason I thought this picture was important is because many people think it's only the underbelly of society that is targeted by breed bans. If you're doing what you're supposed to be doing then things are fine, right? 
Well NO! 

What we see most often is people stopped on the street while out minding their own business, walking their mutt (since the purebreds are among Canada's rarest breeds) they get stopped and hassled. 
This woman, looks to be likely middle aged, walking her well behaved dog (it's standing quietly looking up at the officers) and was stopped to ask her if she had the proper licensing for her dog. Did she know she owned a "pit bull"? Was she aware of the restrictions.. etc. 

Imagine yourself in her shoes for a moment. Imagine the fear of what they could do if they wanted to. Imagine what would be going through your mind.. Do you think it would be easy on your nerves to take your dog out for a walk next time? Do you think you might be looking over your shoulder, having the hair on the back of your neck stand up every time your doorbell rang? Wonder when people look at you funny while your're in public if they might report you? Feeling as though you must lead a life walking after dark or not at all to protect your dog's life. 

Now imagine having your dog ripped from your hands and taken from you. Did you do anything wrong? Your crime is you own a dog that appears a certain way. That "way" cannot even properly be defined. It's not up to you what you think your dog's mix may be it's up to the enforcers. 

This particular woman was let go after she was approached and questioned on the street however does this not beg the question.. 
Where the hell do we live? Canada.. land of the free? It would appear not so free when you are simply walking down the street, walking your dog and the "pit bull" Gestapo get to question you and could seize your dog right out of your hands if they please! 

Why? Well that's the $Billion dollar question! 

All credible information including scientific studies (as an example) worldwide point to breed specific legislation as an absolute loser law. It is ineffective, costly, discriminatory and does NOTHING to contribute to public safety! It causes incredible stress, heartache and rips families apart. It removes well behaved family members from their loving homes and kills them or sends them out of province. 

Why are we allowing this to continue in our country? The province of Ontario has had a ban in place since 2005. There is now proposed legislation to ban the three common targeted breeds plus the Rottweiler, for the province of Quebec. There are many towns across Canada that have bans although many have chosen to repeal and replace with solid bylaws that are non discriminatory. 

For your interest here is a chart of CKC registered pups for the decade past in Quebec. The numbers across Canada are in line with the QC numbers. 

Here is a chart for the Rottweiler in QC

Public risk? Uhmm? Are there enough of them to pose a risk? Does it make sense that every second mutt on the street is related to these breeds? Mathematically nope. It doesn't take Einstein to figure that one out.

Please people think about what your government is legislating. Even if you think you aren't involved or a potential target do you really want a government running your city, town, province or country that enacts such garbage? If they can do it to us... you to may find yourself on the receiving end one day. 

***On a side note, thank goodness for the protection gear these officers are wearing.. you never know when a middle aged "pit bull" owner may go all Ninja on you! 


  1. This is terrible, I feel bad for the owner and the little doggo, I hope there are people living in Canada ready to fight this law. Its inhumane, and just detestable.

  2. Considering the standards established by this administration, we should not be surprised. Montreal is setting an example of how low a once respected city can plummet. Disgusting by almost any standards. This administration must join the absolute garbage of creation...

  3. This law is getting out of hand and dog owners over the world need to come together and start saying NO you will not take me dog I fight for him/her she is no human risk and put a stop to this barbaric law ! mandie England

  4. We've given far too much power to the different levels of government. Why do people vote for these low life losers with the intellect of a slug to legislate laws that a sixth grader can see is non-sensible?

  5. I think we better leave Quebec

  6. City of Laval adopted a by-law similar to Mtl's. The mayor is so proud. It was adopted without contest on a huge snow storm night in March, with a minimum of taxpayers attending. Cat ladies are now being harassed by 'inspectors' who want to enter their residence without a mandate. But most of all, I noticed that what used to be a dog friendly city is now empty of all canine life on the streets. Residents don't want to take a chance and dogs don't get walked anymore. What a pity.


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