Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rambo's owner in court again

It looks like Rambo is stuck in jail until at least May according to the Mississauga News.
Gabriela Nowakowska's lawyer, Anik Morrow, has presented an interesting angle on the fight for Rambo's life. Here is an excerpt from the article in the Mississauga News...

"The person charged is Nowakowska, but the item seized is the dog," she said. "We will be asking for a visitation order on the item seized. The item is depreciating and losing its intrinsic value," because the bond between Rambo and its young owner is being disrupted. 

The toll this ordeal must be taking on both Nowakowska and Rambo is heartbreaking to say the least. Being separated from his owner at such a critical time in the young dog's development is crucial, however will it be possible to rehabilitate the dog once he is sprung out of jail?
What lasting effects do you think this may have on the dog?
The angle described above is an interesting one and not an angle that has been discussed in any other cases we have seen. What is your opinion on the Rambo case? 

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