Saturday, January 30, 2010

Brampton Animal Control is at it again..

Way to hurl Brampton AC. Now you are picking on little old ladies..

Another Rambo is on death row.. (granted the first one was Mississauga)  but now a dog named Rambo was seized from an elderly woman for standing on his dog house to see over the fence. AC just happened to be driving by and saw the dog peering over the fence. Maria Gaspar's life was about to change. The dog gestapo were out trolling for "pitbulls" and Rambo happened to be in their sight range.

Rambo's sister Britany was also seized by AC. Both dogs are now slotted to die.

From the Brampton Guardian;
No one had complained about the young dog, he hadn't escaped 75-year-old Maria Gaspar's Vodden Street yard, and he had never bitten anyone.
But Rambo and his sister, Brittany, are on death row at the City of Brampton's Animal Shelter right now while their owners are embroiled in a battle to get their beloved pets back before they are euthanized. The deadline- Feb. 5.
Both dogs were seized from separate homes on Jan. 13 by city animal control officials who said they believed the dogs to be pitbulls.
Quite a while back I posted an article about "What to do if AC come knocking". Now would be a good time to re-familiarize yourself with this information.

I hope both owners find kick butt legal counsel to kick Brampton where it hurts. It is time for all you wanks to stop hiding behind McGuinty's ban happy, based on BS law and do the right thing. We are sick of hearing "we were only doing our job" or "we are only enforcing the law". I call BS. A mutt is a mutt is a mutt. Quit exercising your neanderthal beliefs that "pitbulls" actually exist and leave the old ladies and all responsible dog owners alone!


  1. So how can we really help this woman? I can post it on my facebook, but how can we let her know that there are people out there supporting her?

  2. I can't even believe how absurd this case is!

  3. Do not e-mail politicians. It is too easy for them to set up keywords and delete without reading any e-mails containing the keywords. We had experience with that through Dalton McGuinty's office; "deleted without being read".

    Fax or snail mail instead.

    Mayor Susan Fennell
    Fax 905 874 2620

    Fax: 905 874 2644

    Brampton is Lie-beral land and Fennell signed Brampton's bloodthirsty, unfounded, unjust, inhumane, ineffective and fiscally irresponsible "pit bull" by-law, so I don't have much hope for these poor dogs and their owners. There doesn't seem to be two brain cells bumping together in Brampton's administration.

    My heart breaks for the senior citizen deprived of her dog for no reason other than his shape.

  4. Good point Social!
    I hope both parties get hooked up with a good lawyer. I hope they know how many people are behind them.. People are outraged!! As they have been all along and continue to be, every hour of every day until this bull shit law is struck from the books.

  5. The City of Brampton accepted dog license fees and the owners' breed IDs. I wonder whether the owners have a breach of contract suit against the City of Brampton for reversing its acceptance.

  6. There is a Facebook page supporting the dogs.

  7. Brampton municipal election - Oct 25, 2010
    The current mayor and councillors should be voted out.
    I came across this today:

  8. All attempts by the dogs owners, their vets, their lawyer and others, to check on the health of dogs have been denied by animal shelter officials. Even though the people at animal services claim that Rambo and Britany are in good health I think there is a cover-up.
    I have a bad feeling that the dogs have already been put down. Why else would city officials block access to the animals. Until I see proof of the dogs still being alive on TV or in the paper I will not believe what they say. I think that Susan Fennell has realised she has made a huge mistake and is trying to stall till her legal department can find a way to cover her ass.

    I hope the families of Rambo and Britany sue her personally. The Animal Services department needs a serious overhaul and the putbull ban needs to be abolished.

  9. What can you do about dogs barking and making noise at 4 am ?