Monday, February 1, 2010

Brampton situation tidbits

There are a couple things in comments that I thought should be put up front and center.

If you have a minute to send a fax to the city of Brampton to tell them how you feel about their Animal Control department conducting themselves in such a manner to seize mutts that haven't committed a crime. Stealing little old ladies dogs claiming them to be "pitbulls".

Social Mange had a great point.

The City of Brampton accepted dog license fees and the owners' breed IDs. I wonder whether the owners have a breach of contract suit against the City of Brampton for reversing its acceptance.

Also, Social Mange went to the trouble of searching out the fax numbers and Mayor's name.
Here they are:

Do not e-mail politicians. It is too easy for them to set up keywords and delete without reading any e-mails containing the keywords. We had experience with that through Dalton McGuinty's office; "deleted without being read".


Mayor Susan Fennell
Fax 905 874 2620

Fax: 905 874 2644
h/t Fran There is a facebook page dedicated to supporting these owners and saving the two Brampton dogs lives. Please join if you are on facebook.

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