Friday, February 5, 2010

Skeldon has locking jaws and won't let go of his hatred for "pitbulls"

Just when you think you've heard the last of puppy killer/dog catcher Skeldon he manages to open his yap and spout off yet again.

I couldn't bear to listen to the interviews although there are links if you can stomach listening in. I have heard enough out of him to last a lifetime.

He accused the local Toledo elected officials of "not having one good thing to say" about Skeldon and his dog execution squad. What the hell "good" was there to discuss.

Here is a link to the article and video at  WTOL

Tom Skeldon reacts to relaxing regulations about pitbulls

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Former Lucas County Dog Warden Tom Skeldon is officially off the county's payroll and for the first time is opening up about pitbulls, The Toledo Blade, and his opinion about the safety of Toledo.
His reaction to how his job ended is one word, "Disappointed."
He says The Toledo Blade's reporting wasn't the most disappointing aspect even though he characterized its coverage as, "Absolutely biased and not true."
But when the criticism did come, he says, "There wasn't one elected official in town who stood up in the media and said one thing good about us."
He hopes Toledo's vicious dog law stays intact because a recent court ruling relaxes regulations about how many pitbulls someone can own with no muzzling required.
"If that's not overturned, that instead of having a letter carrier bitten, or a child bitten, you'll have three or four pitbulls fighting over a child," Skeldon said.
To this day Skeldon feels pitbulls are inherently dangerous.
"A pitbull is going to latch on to somebody and that tail is just wagging and they're just having a good old time."
He feels pitbull puppies brought into the pound should not go out of the pound. "They shouldn't have come into the pound. They were being bred illegally in the city of Toledo."
He was the dog warden for more than 22 years. Before that in the Peace Corp and military.
"If you look at the career I've been obviously blessed. In the past year-and-a-half, they were knocking the snot out of me and it was uncalled for."
There's much more of this interview, including how the letter carriers gave him an award for "Making the Streets Safer" and his feelings about Ben Konop, who was critical of him at the end.
Click on the Big Red Box to see more or click on the link to YouTube below.
Ben Konop responds:
"If anything, I regret not acting sooner in reforming the Lucas County Dog Warden.  Tom Skeldon directly supervised the killing of nearly 200 adoptable puppies since 2006.  That, amongst other malfeasance, was unacceptable.  Just because Mr. Skeldon was employed by the taxpayers for many years, or was first cousins with the President of the County Commissioners, does not mean that he should be held to a lower standard.  Change was sorely needed, and I'm optimistic that the revamped dog warden department will be a source of pride for all Lucas County residents."
The Toledo Blade responds:
Reaction to Tom Skeldon's recent comments:
 -Information about the Dog Warden's office was obtained through public records.
-Those reports lead to more information and readers lead staff members to additional information.
-The Blade dug up facts and reported what was there.
Source: Luann Sharp, The Toledo Blade Copyright 2010 WTOL. All rights reserved.

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  1. I see that Mr. Skeldon carefully didn't mention the bounty paid by Toledo to Lucas County dog wardens to pick up "pit bulls" and kill them in the shelter. One hundred pieces of silver for every "pit bull".