Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cesar Milan had to leave his sidekick Junior at home..

Cesar Milan asked permission of the provincial Liberal government, to bring his dog Junior into Ontario to help with his live shows in Hamilton and Toronto.

The Ontario government's reply was a flat NO not Junior or any "pitbull" is allowed in the province.

This is NO surprise since the notorious ban was never based on fact or behavior in the first place. It was based on propaganda, lies and of course how the dog looks not how it behaves! 

There is no surprise that the McGuinty Liberals have NOT come to their senses. I don't expect that will ever happen but I have become somewhat of a pessimist in the past few years. The Liberals have trained me well. Their mantra is repeating the same act (banning things) and expecting a different result. The definition of insanity!

From CP 24

Ontario pit bull ban forces Dog Whisperer to leave canine companion at home

TORONTO — There are some problems even the Dog Whisperer can't solve. An Ontario politician is up in arms because Cesar Millan can't bring his trusted sidekick, Junior, with him to the province.
The Liberal government banned pit bulls five years ago, saying the breed was too dangerous.
New Democrat Cheri DiNovo says it shows that Ontario discriminates against even the most responsible owner because of how a dog looks, not how it behaves.
She wrote an open letter condemning the government for denying the celebrated dog trainer his loyal companion as he travels Canada for a speaking tour.
Millan, host of the popular TV show "The Dog Whisperer," has focused on rehabilitating aggressive dogs.
He even dedicated one episode to dispelling myths about breeds that are considered to be particularly aggressive, saying it's the owner who often determines the dog's behaviour.


  1. CP24 changed the link to the story.

  2. I think it is nuts to ban a dog because of its breed. They should be judged on their behavior rather than anything else. How can a wonderful dog and people trainer do what he does best without his material? It is like banning a well known speaker from bringing his notes to a seminar.

  3. Agreed. BSL is really silly, all over. The EU - in particular, countries such as Italy and the Netherlands - trialled BSL, with no decrease in the instance of dog bites or fatal dog attacks measurable as a result.

    Interestingly, as soon as Italian legislation made the behaviour of a dog a question of the personal liability of the person accompanying it, i.e. whoever is walking the Maltese/Rottweiler/Poodle/Pit-Bull at the time it barks/bites/jumps/digs up a rose-bed, is considered personally responsible and can be taken to court by the State or the injured party or parties. Unsurprisingly, the rate of dog-related mayhem - not that it was that significant ot begin with - dropped substantially.

    When people support BSL, they - perhaps, and hopefully! - unthinkingly support the placement of responsibility for behaviour and associated outcomes onto an animal, instead of the humans in its life. Yeah. Silly, all over.

  4. I have 2. One mixed-breed 9-year-old, Brandy, &, aptly enough, a 1-year-old purebred brindle, Cesar. They're the sweetest, most playful, friendly dogs I've ever had. Cesar is my 14-year-old son's best friend. We love them to pieces! Punish the deed, NOT the breed. RIP Daddy. :(