Sunday, November 14, 2010

Protests against Ginger's destruction order went off without a hitch

Four protests were held this past weekend in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Calgary.

A good crowd gathered at Queen's Park in Toronto to protest the cruel injustice being brought down against dog owner Phillip Huggins. Phillip's dog Ginger, a short haired cross bred dog, that was identified as a mythical "pitbull" by the city of Toronto was ordered killed even though Ginger was leashed and muzzled and was attacked by an off leash dog. No charges were laid against the owner of the off leash border collie/shepherd cross.

Phillip walked at the protest with empty collar and leash in hand. The Huggin's family is devastated over this cruel injustice.

This video clip is from a year ago, however the story remains unchanged.


  1. It is really sad that not one reporter asked Dalton IF he took the "best advice". ALL credible experts came out against the ban. One has to ask WHO did McGuinty listen to? The only "expert" for the ban was NOT a credible reconized organization but a small dog walking company from Byrant's old riding.
    Dalton's statement was delibrately deceiving.

  2. From my understanding Ginger has even passed a DNA test that she is not a pit bull so your statment mythical "pitbull" is right now.

    Now we know that our courts uphold what they know is a absurd, harsh, unwise law. Only in OnSCARio under Dalton McGunity's rule.

    Shame on all Ontario citizens if they do not correct this at the next upcoming election. Why did not ONE reporter ask Dalton WHY THEN HAVE YOU NOT LISTENED?

  3. The whole thing is so disheartening as an Ontario resident. No one I speak to believes in this law, no one feels their children are safer, yet the law remains. I am so thankful that Cheri DiNovo came along to voice the public opinion that asks that the owner be held accountable, so that my dog and I can be left in peace.

  4. We are a while away from having our rights restored since McGuinty is in the driver's seat until next Oct. at least. He will not see this law overturned under his watch. It is good that Cheri DiNovo raised the bill however it is not on the books at them moment. It died on the table last session and likely won't be brought forth again until after the next provincial election which is October 2011. Yes it is disheartening that it is taking so long to restore sanity in this province but we must remain vigilant. It will be repealed, first on the agenda.. get rid of McGuinty and the Liberals!