Thursday, May 26, 2011

Montreal SPCA takes firm stand against breed bans

Hats off to the Montreal SPCA for taking a strong stand against banning breeds in Montreal. 

Pit bull restrictions a deal breaker for new SPCA contracts
MONTREAL - Stray and abandoned animals in three Montreal boroughs risk being sent to the controversial Berger Blanc pound instead of the SPCA if those communities don’t ditch their anti-pit bull bylaws, the SPCA is warning.
Outremont, Lachine and St. Laurent have pound contracts with Montreal’s SPCA, where homeless pets are reclaimed, adopted or euthanized.
But the SPCA is making pit bull bans or other restrictions on the breed in those boroughs a deal-breaker in talks to renew contracts for its services.
The ultimatum comes with Montreal at a turning point on the issue of animal control.

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