Monday, November 7, 2011

Beyond The Myth Toronto was amazing!

The DLCC was very pleased to have hosted the Toronto screening of Beyond the Myth this past weekend. Writer/Producer/Director Libby Sherrill and her sidekick Bob were in Toronto for the screening. There were 2 screenings, one Saturday and Sunday. 

At the screening on Saturday we were pleased to have NDP MPP for Parkdale/High Park Cheri DiNovo there. Cheri offered words of encouragement that Hershey's Law will one day soon come to fruition. 

Libby Sherrill and Cheri DiNovo

Beyond the Myth is a film that enlightens, melts your heart, breaks your heart and leaves you laughing and crying then ignites or re-ignites a fire in your soul to do the right thing and fight this discrimination with all your might. Those of us who have been touched by the discriminatory law, based on how your dog "looks", know all to well the emotional roller coaster that you fall into. Beyond the Myth captures the insanity that is the foundation for BSL or breed specific legislation.

We feel fortunate to have met Libby and applaud her undertaking. We support Libby and feel Beyond The Myth is a film that needs to be widely viewed. 

The insanity of BSL is a deep wound in the heart of every person touched by it's cruel discrimination. We stand strong, proud and united. We will continue this fight until we have ended this insanity. 

I encourage you to read Desiree and Coco's story from Beyond the Myth website. An example of the cruel reality of what BSL means to people's lives.

It is not a matter of if BSL will be repealed but WHEN BSL will be repealed!

Hershey's Law will become a reality in Ontario. We will not back down until this becomes our reality.

As an add on...

I heard from Libby this morning and she relayed a message from her friend Bob who traveled to Toronto to help with the screening. 

Bob is not a dog owner himself but supports the project because he disagrees with BSL.

Bob's comment after coming to Toronto and meeting we Canucks...

Bob thought the people who hosted and attended the screening were among the most passionate that he'd met after attending 10 screenings. 
Wow what a compliment! Thanks Bob!! We are so happy to have met you and a warm thank you to you for helping out and supporting "the cause"!

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  1. When one has laws as darconian as those in Ontario, one cannot help, when one is knowledgable on how this legislation progressed and understanding the overall scope of the legislation, but become passionate. This documentary matters... and hopefully will be seen many.