Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bite stats remain constant in Ontario so NO the ban doesn't work!

A couple weeks ago Global News did a series of short news stories on dogs. The first of the series led the viewer to think that bite stats in Ontario are down since "pitbulls" were banned. 

Well, they were wrong. Not only were they wrong they did not tell the truth about where they got the numbers from. They claimed they got the numbers from Public Health yet when my colleague at Caveat contacted PH they clearly stated they do not keep bite stats by breed. 

The Star's columnist, Yvette Van Veen, did a great article last Saturday. 

Read up.. both Caveat and Yvette did a bang up job digging for the truth.. The truth is, the numbers state what we have been telling people all along. Breed bans DO NOT work and have never worked in any jurisdiction. The Liberal government was given this information before passing the ban here in Ontario but they chose the path of lies and grand standing over implementing common sense which would have done more to protect public safety than the insane law that is breed specific legislation in Ontario!


  1. Unbelievable... truly bad "journalism" from Global and kudos to Yvette for an unbiased and factual article!

  2. Funny how the Attorney General Gerretsen had a whole other set of numbers on the CBC 6pm news. He was showing a ski slope of numbers and claiming "public safety" is so much better since the ban here in Ontario. I guess he pulled those numbers straight out of is a$$! Since nobody keeps accurate stats by breed in Ontario! Gotta love lying media and lying politicians. You would think they are cut from the same cloth.