Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ex- OSPCA worker spills a few beans..

A Toronto Sun article yesterday gave a first hand account by an ex-OSPCA worker named Suzanne Lee.

According to Lee the kill rate is high and workers sign a confidentiality agreement. This isn't surprising at all. I hope more people with first hand accounts speak up. As I said in my earlier post, the business of sheltering animals is not easy but in my opinion it can be drastically improved.

Ringworm plight could have been avoided:  Ex-Worker

Suzanne Lee says the OSPCA easily could have avoided the deaths of potentially hundreds of animals if simple procedures were followed and if there wasn’t such a high turnover in staff.
Lee quit her job as the OSPCA director of rehabilitation four years ago because she believed too many animals were being put down.
She also was angry that not all animals were given a complete checkup when brought to the Newmarket facility.
“This (ringworm outbreak) could have been avoided. The cat that brought the outbreak would have had sores. It should have been vet-inspected and quarantined, but 99% of the people there don’t have vet training — and there is always miscommunication and a constant change over in staff,” said Lee, who is a vet.
“When I first started there, my job was to rehabilitate the animals and find them homes. Then my job changed and I started to get 10 to 20 orders to euthanize animals a day. Out of every 10, six weren’t justifiable. It got to the point where I couldn’t handle it anymore.”
Lee once was told she had to put down six baby rabbits that were five minutes old, or she would lose her job.
“I had to stick a needle into their heart to kill them. I’m not proud of it but I did it,” she said.
The last straw was when a box of kittens found on Hwy. 400 were brought in and Lee was told to put them down.
“One could have been nursed back to health,” said Lee who at that point quit and took the kitten with her.
Lee says OSPCA employees have to sign a confidentiality agreement.
“They may take me to court but I swear everything I say is true.”


  1. They use HEART STICKING?? Now I am really ready to fight. Never will I ever even think of giving money to them. That is cruel and ugly I am shocked!! Where is the humane treatment of animals they claim to care about? That way of killing is no different than gassing.

  2. I wonder is that how they kill all the animals there? I need to know the types of euthanasia at OSPCA.

  3. the ospca has no one to answer to and zero accountability- what other "charity" in canada has the power to press charges, lie, cheat steal, slander and generally make up their own rules. I have seen animals taken from their owners under the guise of needing immediate medical assistance, then not recieving it but being adopted out instead, i have seen neglected animals ignored while those under vet care removed. if you piss of the "officer" they come after you, but if its the other way around good luck to you. where is their accountability- who can you go to if you are the one being abused by an over zealous nut case with a badge. if you really want to cringe check thier website showing their buget-5 years behind in updating.also, these "officers" make $20.00 per hour with benifits on top of that, think twice before you give them your money, your better off giving it to a volunteer run no-kill shelter. these guys started out to protect animals but now by their standards if you cannot afford $2500 bucks a year for vets, etc per dog then you can't provide for your pet- and will take them by putting you into a finacial hole untill you surrender your pet. if you refuse they claim neglect and will take them anyway.

  4. fyi, they use "atravet" to sedate the animal and then they use "T61" and inject it into the heart. It is the fastest way...

    Agents make 12-16.75 anhour

  5. omg.. this is unbelievable... I work in health care and I would stick one in the ospca's heart.. They are supposed to help not kill!!