Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Toronto Sun editorialist took one too many bumps to the head..

An article titled "Without the ban all hell would break loose" in todays Sun, is a sad attempt for a lonely editorialist to stir up shit in a tired subject. 

I did a little digging and found what is a possible answer to why Ian Robertson (the author of this pathetic article) would write such bullshit. 

During the torch run for the Olympics, Robertson was shoved to the ground by security guards and taken to the hospital and treated for an apparent head injury. I guess there must have been some brain damage involved. His cognitive skills are definitely impaired. 

Spouting BS from I guess Merritt Clifton? He never really says which Clifton he is quoting, but if it is Merritt Clifton, he is certainly no expert nor should he be quoted.

For the record numb nuts, the reason "pitbulls" aren't registered with kennel clubs as a breed is because THEY AREN'T A BREED! They are mutts nimrod. Short haired mutts and they weren't descended from anywhere other than crossbred dog breeding of likely Labs and Boxers since they are 2 of the most popular purebreds in Canada.

I am sorry you had such a knock on the head, but could you please check your sources before spewing hatred and lies. You certainly don't know squat about dogs, so maybe stick to a subject you know something about.


  1. OMG, are you kidding me? Was it hell when there wasn't a ban? According to the numbers from the THS there is no difference in dog bites. So the only 'all hell breaking loose' that exists is the one that broke loose for innocent mixed breed dogs with short hair when the Liberals banned them! Obviously this guy is thick.

  2. LOL. I'd like to think that the majority of people could see through this type of BS...I hope I'm not wrong. But yeah, all hell hadn't broken loose before the ban...hard to believe it would after.

    The media preys on fear. And here ya' go.

  3. Too bad investigative journalism doesn't exist anymore. It seems plucking comments from any whackjob's message board counts as fact or statistic worth repeating.
    Fear mongering 101 is what journalism school is now called. Keep em scared shitless and it will sell more papers.. The line between paparazzi and main stream journalism is now blurred. Too bad really. There was a day when the main stream media was a great watchdog for political issues. Now they seem to be allowed to spew any BS they can get their hands on, or simply substitute BS as if it were fact.

  4. Lori, bang on. Fact checkers ceased to exist in mainstream media ages ago. Now they just print crap.

    The Sun is Peter Worthington's baby, and Peter hates "pit bulls". Nevermind that he owns dog-aggressive dogs of another type that fight with each other. He just doesn't get it and seems unable or unwilling to get it, and IMHO uses the paper as his personal soapbox. I actually feel sorry for some of the writers; the headlines stuck on articles don't match the content, obvious editorial interference.

    Perhaps that's why so many MSM articles are crap; it's hard to write when you don't believe in the subject.

  5. BTW, this editorial doesn't seem to be in the freebie online Sun but only in the subscription online Sun. And I'm not willing to sign up for any online rag.

  6. I don't think the cops tackled Robertson and gave his head a big boo boo because he was interfering with the torch ceremony. They probably tackled him because he "has an appearance and physical characteristics that are substantially similar to those of dogs referred to in any of clauses (a) to (d); ("pit-bull")" ie. blocky head, chunky body, short hair. The cops were only doing their job protecting the public. I'm glad they got him before he was able to maul any of the kids in the crowd with his locking jaws. I think afterwards, some rescue tried shipping the guy out east where they're usually kindhearted enough to take Ontario's exiles but in this case they just crinkled their noses and said something about not taking in animals unless they're housebroken.

  7. LOL You never know what kind of hell will break loose when those crazy "pitbull" journalists are in a crowd. Too bad they didn't use a catch pole on him... :)