Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day! but please take a moment to remember Denver...

Today I am taking Justice and going to visit my Mom. He loves going to "Grandma's" house!! He gets lots of extra attention and special treatment there. He is the only "grandchild" she will be getting from me. Luckily for her, my bro gave her a human grandchild but they live out west; therefore Justice gets to reap the rewards of being the only in province. 

No worries, I'm not one of these people who treat my dog as if he were a replacement for a human child. He is much better than that! *wink*

I received an email this morning from a friend in Denver. Today, May 9th also marks a horrific anniversary. May 9, 2005 was the date Denver began enforcing the breed ban by slaughtering thousands of good dogs based on how they looked. 

...Please spare a moment on May 9, 2010 for Denver and the dogs that have been killed because they have blocky heads and short coats. It was on May 9, 2005 that Denver began to enforce its breed ban again after a hiatus. Since that day 5 years ago, over 3000+ dogs have been killed for how they look. I've met many of those grieving families for whom I will light a candle on Mother's Day. I hope you'll do the same and send good energy for change!
That said, I wish all you Mothers--be you a mother to two-legged or four-legged children--a fabulous day!

Please take a moment to remember those innocent souls whose lives were taken because of how they looked. We have our own witch hunt happening here in Ontario. It will be 5 years August 29th since Ontario enacted the breed ban. This atrocity must stop. 

I too wish you the very best Mother's Day. Enjoy your Mom, Grandmother, Step Mother and Mother in Law. Also take a moment to remember those who have gone before us. Family is to be treasured and celebrated including our four legged ones..

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