Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And the countdown is on... 50 more days to the election!

It has been a looooooooong 8 years under Dalton McGuinty's never ending punishment he has bestowed on this province. 

The countdown is on and as of today there are 50 days until the election which takes place October 6, 2011. McGuinty set election dates during his far too lengthy stay as the worst premier Ontario has ever witnessed therefore we have known for a while the date of the next election. Gave those of us, who have anticipated it like a holiday after a burnout, a date to hold on to as a possible turning point of taking our province back from Nanny State and the highest debt in the history of Ontario.

I have decided to do a daily countdown of reasons why McGuinty must go. I have chosen today as my starting point although I anticipate running out of days with plenty of reasons left so forgive me if I double up. 

I have chosen to begin with my #1 reason that McGuinty must go.

As of August 29th 2005 the Dog Owners Liability Act included an amendment to ban 3 purebred breeds of dogs and anything substantially similar. This draconian legislation has punished responsible dog owners and resulted in the death of thousands of good dogs based on looks not behaviour. The law is based on mythology and urban legend not fact. The facts were presented to the McGuinty government at a committee hearing where 86 of the 102 presentations were against the ban. The 86 presentations were a compilation of experts worldwide where the presentations for the ban were mostly victims bitten by so called "pitbulls" which isn't a breed but a slang term for a short haired, mix breed dog. In other words a "pitbull" is an unidentifiable or misidentified label. McGuinty had and has full access to all the facts but he treated the facts with disregard and decided to go ahead anyway. This law set a precedence of reverse onus, warrant-less entry, restrictions on mobility among other unconstitutional aspects that they have since used for laws applied to other issues. In other words we dog owners were thrown under the bus while people were spinning over the red herring of the fictitious "pitbull"!  While that was happening McGuinty hit a home run in taking away YOUR rights as a citizen of Ontario and nobody paid any attention, least of all the main stream media.

For this reason Dalton McGinty MUST GO! 

October 6th please vote and please vote for the candidate most likely to unseat the Liberal!

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