Sunday, August 28, 2011

Reason # 13 why Dalton McGuinty must go!

In a word... Caledonia.
How did it come to this? Canada, a nation whose name is held as an international byword for law and order, is now home to natives who are openly running a commercial protection racket in a wide swathe of Ontario land. History shows that such illegal protection rackets typically operate in ghettos, unpoliced immigrant enclaves and lawless frontier regions -- that is to say, places where the official forces of government either cannot or will not enforce the law. So it is in Canada, where the Ontario government has become so terrified of confronting militant natives that it has effectively permitted them to operate outside the laws that bind the rest of us.
McGuinty endangered Ontarians, and undermined the rule of law. He should have had the gonads to step in but he did not.  The rule of law must take precedence over the PR needs of a gutless government. McGutless must go!
The McGuinty Liberal government is incompetent.
October 6th please vote and please vote for the candidate most likely to unseat the Liberal!

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