Monday, September 26, 2011

Ontario Liberal form response to our election survey

So far today we have received numerous responses from Liberal MPP's and candidates. All responses have been the same form letter. I am happy to report that we have needled enough to warrant a form response as opposed to each individual thoughtfully answering the questions from their own point of view. 
I usually wish each candidate good luck on October 6th however I am not going to extend regards to a form response. I would respect a personal opinion or a genuine response on behalf of ones riding but towing the party line sickens me and shows the disregard the McGuinty Liberals have for the tax paying citizens that put them in office!

Dog ownership and companionship is an incredibly rewarding, and enriching responsibility. Dogs help us connect with nature, increase our levels of physical activity, and reduce our stress.  I also know that dog ownership is, first and foremost, a responsibility. 

A few years ago, Ontario Liberals made the decision to restrict pit bulls.  After a series of horrific accidents around the province, we decided that the interests of public safety would be best-served by restricting that particular breed.  

At the same time, we also toughened the penalties for the owners of any dog that poses a danger to the public.
  • ·         Fines for offences under the Dog Owners’ Liability Act were increased to a maximum of $10,000 and allow for jail sentences of up to six months for people who allow any kind of dog to bite, attack or pose a menace to the safety of a person or domestic animal.
  • ·         Fines were increased up to a maximum of $60,000 for corporations owning such dogs.
  • ·         Also, judges can now order restitution to be paid in relation to an offence under the Act.

Because of the new legislation, today there are fewer opportunities for serious pit bull attacks — ensuring that the people who are most vulnerable to these attacks are out of harm's way.
I believe we need to maintain our efforts, because the remaining restricted pit bulls continue to pose safety issues. For instance:

  • ·         April 13, 2011 – Ottawa – An un-muzzled pit bull tore out the throat of a 3-year old Shih Tzu that was being walked by his teenaged owner.
  • ·         April 27, 2011 – Orillia – a pit bull attacked and killed a small dog outside an Orillia apartment building. The pit bull was wearing a muzzle that came off during the attack.

Our position is that repealing this legislation would be a step backwards. We understand these changes may have presented challenges for some dog owners, but we are confident that all Ontarians want what is in the best interests of public safety.

I want to thank you for taking the opportunity to write to me and appreciate the opportunity to answer your questions.

Monte Kwinter Lib MPP York Centre
Tony Ryma candidate Nickle Belt
Eric Hoskins Lib MPP St. Paul's
Paul Watson Lib candidate Chatham-Kent-Essex
Jim Bradley Lib MPP St. Catharines
Maria VanBommel Lib MPP Lambton-Kent-Middlesex
Dave Levac Lib MPP Brant
 Karl Walsh Lib candidate Barrie

Tracy MacCharles Lib candidate Pickering/Scarborough East
 Indira Naidoo-Harris Lib candidate Halton
 Laurel Broten Lib MPP Etobicoke-Lakeshore
 Greg Crone Lib candidate Haldimand-Norfolk
 Glenn Murray Lib MPP Toronto Center
 Mike Cole Lib MPP Eglinton-Lawrence
Mark Cripps Lib Hamilton East - Stoney Creek
Reza Moridi Lib Richmond Hill
Christina Bisanz Lib Newmarket-Aurora
Yasir Naqvi Lib Ottawa Centre
Lou Rinaldi Lib Northunberland-Quinte West 
Lori Baldwin-Sands Lib candidate Elgin-Middlesex-London



  2. I'm not surprised. They have changed the examples to not include humans or other breeds such as the Dog de Bordeaux or Bull Mastiff this time. They do get the Douchebag of the year award again for an 8th consecutive year.