Friday, September 30, 2011

Reason # 41 McGuinty Must Go!

Thanks to Dalton McGuinty: Ontario Up Yours for the ad above

Today's news is Dalton McGuinty blaming Tim Hudak for placing cigarettes in Ontario children's mouths.. while his Lieberal staffer was the one bribing voters at the shelter with cartons of cigarettes. 
Lest we forget David Caplan was a smoker while Minister of Health.. huge faux pas for Ontario's least favorite - worst - premier "DAD". 

Smokes-for-votes comment 'completely unacceptable': McGuinty

Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty says the smokes-for-votes comment made by one of his campaign officials was "completely unacceptable."
”Completely unacceptable comment on the part of my worker. It was a bad joke in poor taste. She apologized for it,” McGuinty said in Brampton, where he was touring a Chrysler plant.
Nikki Holland, operational vice-president for Ontario’s Liberals, was taped making comments about bribing the homeless with smokes during a campaign training session on July 16.
Joke? I doubt it.. she got caught. Holland also tried to say the other parties use this tactic as well. Those are some strong allegations when bribing for votes is illegal!
On October 6th vote for the candidate most likely to toss the Lieberal to the curb!

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