Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reason # 40 McGuinty Must Go!

Four days before Christmas 2006, McGuinty gave Ontario MPP's a 25% pay raise. The base salary for an MPP went up by $22,000, giving each elected representative $110,000 annually. Cabinet ministers got an extra $31,000 to earn $157,633 a year and the premier got a $39,000 raise, making McGuinty's annual pay cheques $198,620.
In a time that we were going into a recession, which Ontarian's have still not recovered. People were out of work, took pay cuts but yet the cost of living has gone up considerably. 
The disregard for taxpayer's money is discusting. 
On October 6th vote for the best candidate to beat the Liberal in your riding!

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