Thursday, September 1, 2011

Reason # 17 why Dalton McGuinty must go!

Corrupt ad campaigns such as the "Working Families" ads. The term "Working Families" is deceiving. The group would have you believe working families are behind the ads; however the truth is that senior provincial Liberals, trade unions and teachers unions are the dollars and voices behind WFC. The WFC aims to raise and spend more than $5 million in third party advertising in the upcoming election an unprecedented third party intervention all in the support of the Liberals.

The attack ads are unethical and an insult to the intelligence of the taxpayers of Ontario. Third party advertising should be outlawed. Dalton McGuinty is the master of back door deals and robbing the taxpayer to pay his supporters. True modern day anti Robin Hood even though he would like you to believe he is "working in your best interest". I guess that may be true if you were on some self abuse or self destruct plan.

While Ontario's real "Working Families" have been struggling to survive under this scandal-plagued tax-and-waste McGuinty Liberal Government, the Ontario Unions have been reaping the benefits of his constant hand outs that has been doled out since he took office 8 years ago. Never has Ontario seen so many scandals after scandals after scandals after scandals, all the while increasing taxes at a record rate. The McGuinty Government along with their Union buddies have effectively turned Ontario into a have-not province, and have left real Ontario Working Families working harder to keep up with the vastly increased cost of living.

If you would like to learn more about what is behind the "Working Families" ads you see constantly on tv...

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What Jim Wilson has to say

Working Families Watch

Prior to the 2007 election, the following gives some examples of "Working Families" donations and involvment with the McGuinty Liberals.

Coalition chair Gary O'Neill, who is also president of International Union Of Operating Engineers Local 793, which held a Liberal fundraiser at the union hall attended by McGuinty on June 22, 2006. Local 793 has donated $66,389 to the Liberals between 2003 and 2006. The government gave Local 793 a $1.98 million grant for its training centre.
Guy is president and chief executive of Pollara, a polling firm that worked with the coalition in the 2003 election and did $293,549 in polling for the Liberals in that campaign. In addition, Pollara was paid $1.07 million for work by several provincial government ministries, including health, since 2003, along with $541,147 for support to Liberal MPPs and $1.05 million in services for the Liberal caucus. Guy evaded repeated requests for a telephone interview.
Wieder's firm, Arrow Communications Group, the coalition's ad agency in 2003 and this year, received $28,395 for ad services to the Liberals in the last election. Through his other company, Policomm, Wieder was paid $165,500 by the Liberals for printing and communications work in the 2003 campaign. In addition, Policomm was paid $56,570 for helping 12 Liberal candidates in 2003. Since the Liberals took office, Arrow has been paid $1.15 million in various contracts for "caucus support" and other services.

The McGuinty Liberal government is incompetent.

October 6th please vote and please vote for the candidate most likely to unseat the Liberal!

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