Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reason #32 McGuinty Must Go!

McGuinty's Green Energy Plan is a failure due to the fact that the McGuinty Liberals are incompetent and do not think things through. Running on theory is not good enough. At some point in time one must figure out that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is and if the government must throw copious amounts of money at companies and ideas for sustainability, there might be a problem!

David Frum: McGuinty doubles down on the green-jobs money pit

On Friday, the Ontario premier delivered a stinging partisan speech at the Flextronics solar panel factory in Newmarket, Ont. There he warned that if his government is defeated, the factory will close.
But if that claim is true, think what it means for the 13.2-million Ontarians who do not work for Flextronics. If true, McGuinty’s claim reveals that the only reason those Flextronics jobs exists is that his government has given the factory a deal that would be acceptable to no other buyer on planet earth. This is supposed to be an argument in favor of McGuinty’s re-election?

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On October 6th vote for the candidate most likely to beat the Liberal. The McGuinty Government is incompetent.

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