Friday, September 23, 2011

Reason # 35 McGuinty Must Go!

McGuinty chose not to attend the debate being held in Northern Ontario. Today Tim Hudak and Andrea Horwath packed a Thunder Bay conference center.  The leaders were asked questions by representatives of local business groups, and each were given three minutes for opening statements. The questions were largely centred around the cost of electricity and jobs.
McGuinty obviously didn't find this debate to be important enough to attend which shows his lack of priority for Northern Ontario issues. This is odd since several of the current Liberal Northern ridings are undecided..
It doesn't take a Harvard graduate to figure out the volume of votes are in Toronto and the GTA however I would love to see McGuinty get his butt kicked on October 6th! His disregard is appalling for anyone who isn't in a Union or Ontarian's who have drank the Lieberal Kool-Aid. 
Both the PC's and NDP have said they would repeal the Far North Act.
On October 6th vote anyone but Liberal. 

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