Saturday, September 3, 2011

Reason # 19 McGuinty Must Go!

McGuinty bailed out the auto industry but left the Northren Ontario mining industry out in the cold.
High energy prices forced Vale Inco to shut down its copper smelter refinery in Sudbury four years ago.  Xstrata is moving its smelter and processing plant from Timmins to Quebec.
“These companies look at the industrial hydro rate in Ontario and they look at the industrial hydro rate in Quebec and realize they can save a lot of money by moving to Quebec.
In an article Killing the north's golden goose, Christina Blizzard explains how the McGuinty Liberal policies are killing the northren mining industry.

The Far North Act will take 42% of northern Ontario out of production. They're also wary of changes to the Mining Act.
Northerners say the government has shut them out of consultations.
As well, high electricity prices here are killing businesses that rely on cheap power. Xstrata's annual hydro bill for the smelter is $70 million. In Quebec, the price is 40-50% lower.
Worse, Laughren says the Green Energy Act will force up the price of electricity, making it even harder to compete. What's so frustrating is that northern Ontario is rich in hydro-electric power potential that could develop cheap, clean energy.
Yet the government recently signed a controversial $7-billion deal with Korean giant Samsung that will force electricity prices even higher.

With gold at an all time high and resources in high demand our mining industry is vital to the economy of Ontario. McGuinty is not only out of touch but destroying the industries chances for survival.
Another great article by Christina Blizzard talks about the threat of the "Far North Act" on Northren Ontario's mining and forestry industries.
The battle in Northern Ontario for the hearts and minds of voters in the Oct. 6 election is being waged on many fronts here.
It’s about forestry and wood allocations. About mining and resources.
And the Far North Act, which critics say will strangle development and turn economically-productive forestry and mining areas into parkland.

October 6th please vote and please vote for the candidate most likely to unseat the Liberal!

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