Saturday, December 25, 2010

Twas the night before Christmas - a "pitbull's" tale...

Thank you to the DDA Watch for creating this thoughtful video!

My Christmas wish this year is that people around the world (well ok I'll settle for just Ontario for now) will finally "get it" and realize the insanity behind breed banning. 

We as a society have an intense desire to not want to see or hear anything disturbing. Ok, I get it. People get depressed if they are chronically subjected to negative images or situations. Yes it's disturbing that governments legislate good dogs to be killed based on how they look. Yes there are many problems involving people, children and other issues that are equally important. There are so many disturbing things happening at all times around the world. Yes it is overwhelming if you have the thought; 

"what can I do about the world's problems? I am just me.."

You are absolutely right. Any one person would very quickly become overwhelmed and burned out just beginning to think about what ONE person could do about such a large problem; however if each and every one of us do just one thing. Do all we can to fix the problems of our own little micro piece of the planet, the world would be a much better place! 

We dog owners have a problem that is dotted all over the planet but we are living the nightmare here in Ontario. We need to get back to sanity and dump the breed ban in this province. It has and is killing good dogs based on looks not behavior! There are ALTERNATIVES!

Please help me and fellow dog owners in Ontario get our Christmas wish. Loose the myth. Loose the lies. Dogs are all just dogs. Dangerous dogs do exist but look to the owner. Dangerousness is NOT based on looks or breed any more than it is in humans or any other species.

Get informed and get involved to help us stop this insanity!