Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today's irritation

It is time to send a little vent out into cyberspace..

I had a really busy day today. I have construction people here doing some reno's to my home. I have a business at home so between clients the reno's were going on. I had booked the gas company a while ago to come and do a furnace inspection but when I booked it didn't know my house would be under construction at the same time. When the guy from the gas company came to the front door he knocked and of course my dog barked. I have a window beside my front door which soon will be replaced with a new front door that will have glass you cannot see through. That cannot come soon enough! Obviously my reason for telling you that is; he saw my dog barking at him.

I went to the front door and instead of opening it I waved to the guy and motioned that I was going to come around to let him know I had construction people working so this wasn't such a good day after all. When I came around outside to open the gate he was escalating into a full irrational moment. The first thing he said to me was "are you going to lock up that 'pitbull'?" I just stood looking at him. It isn't like this hasn't happened before but every time it does I am stunned.

I told the guy he was here to clean my furnace, not socialize with my dog. He then said, his "buddy" was put in the hospital with a dog bite and that he himself hates "pitbulls" and "shepherds". So now it becomes my fault there are some irresponsible dog owners out there? I don't get the relationship between his buddy and my dog..

So now my hackles come up. It is beyond me why one would have a job that you constantly enter people's houses when you have an irrational fear of dogs.  I had an experience with the meter reader from the gas company too. They knocked on my front door, which I expect them to do, then said "oh I see you have 'pitbulls'." I replied "pardon me?" to which they told me that it is entered into the database so that they are informed when coming to my property. Bet you didn't know that? The utility companies record the breed of dog without your knowledge in their database to "warn" employees. Or rather they record the breed if it is on their list of breeds worthy of recording. I called the company after the meter reader left. Discrimination? Why they aren't afraid of stupid owners and record simply whether there is a dog or not. That would make more sense? I guess they don't care if the employees get ripped up by a breed not on the list?

The sooner readings and such can be done remotely, the better. I don't want these people on my property. I feel as though I must protect my dog from them! Since our rights have been stripped away I don't feel I can have anyone I don't know on my property without a witness for fear they accuse my dogs of "barking/menacing" or some such thing. Not sure what response they expect when you knock at the door? Lick the window perhaps?

Anyway, I am sick of this shit. I am sick of feeling paranoid in every day occurrences because McGuinty and the Ontario Liberals took all my rights away. We are unprotected from stupidity and irrational fear.

What a sick province we live in! This law must be repealed.
October 2001 can't come soon enough!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

News article from Toronto Sun about Friday's protest

Protests against Ginger's destruction order went off without a hitch

Four protests were held this past weekend in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Calgary.

A good crowd gathered at Queen's Park in Toronto to protest the cruel injustice being brought down against dog owner Phillip Huggins. Phillip's dog Ginger, a short haired cross bred dog, that was identified as a mythical "pitbull" by the city of Toronto was ordered killed even though Ginger was leashed and muzzled and was attacked by an off leash dog. No charges were laid against the owner of the off leash border collie/shepherd cross.

Phillip walked at the protest with empty collar and leash in hand. The Huggin's family is devastated over this cruel injustice.

This video clip is from a year ago, however the story remains unchanged.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Protest for Ginger

Phillip Huggins and his beloved dog Ginger

Come out to support Ginger and her owner, Phillip Huggins. Speak out! Have your voice heard. Strength is in numbers! Tell Dalton McGuinty and the Liberals that enough is enough. It is time to end this senseless slaughter of dogs, solely based on looks not behavior, in Ontario! Together we can make our voices heard!

When: Friday November 12

Where: Queen's Park, Toronto

Time: 2:00 pm

Protests also being held in Calgary, Ottawa (yes that's right, McGuinty's riding) and Montreal.

The Montreal protest is;

When: Saturday, November 13 

Parc Jeanne-Mance corner Mont-Royal and Park Avenue
Time: 2pm 

The Ottawa protest is;

Where: 1795 Kilborn Avenue Ottawa, On (Dalton McGuinty's office)

When: Friday, November 12 
Time: 2:00 pm


Thinking of Ginger and her family

Thanks to the SBTCC for creating this poster.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Tribute to Ginger

First I would like to direct you to an article written by Ledy VanKavage,the Senior Legislative Attorney for Best Friends Animal Society.
Ledy brings things into focus quite well in this article.

Jon Stewart, Pit Bulls, and Media Hysteria

The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear was a huge success on Saturday. While Jon Stewart was calling out the media for stoking fear, I was safely nestled on the couch with our three adopted pit bulls, Che, Bella Abzug, and Karma. Stewart's words could easily describe the pit bull controversy: "The press can hold its magnifying glass up to our problems or they can use that magnifying glass to light ants on fire." The media hysteria surrounding American Pit Bull Terriers has been lighting them on fire — resulting in the mass euthanasia of these dogs simply because of their appearance. Instead, the media's magnifying glass should focus on the real public safety issue: reckless owners of any dog.

It's not much of a stretch to think Stewart would agree with applying his words to pit bulls. Though animal issues don't come up often on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart is a known animal lover and has two pit bulls of his own — Shamsky and Monkey.

The province of Ontario, under Dalton McGuinty's direction, legislated a ban on 3 purebred breeds (all three are among some of the rarest breeds in Canada/less than 1000 all breeds combined in Ontario) and tossed in "pitbulls" or rather any dog substantially similar to any of the named purebreds.

Some examples of the insane regulations that apply to this legislation are;

  • Every dog owner in the province is at the mercy of the animal control officer/peace officer performing the identifying. You cannot prove the lineage of any mix or non registered dog. You may have the biggest/hairiest dog but if an animal control officer/peace officer deems your dog a "pitbull" it is up to you the owner to prove it is not!
  • That folks is called reverse onus. It is impossible to prove a negative or rather that something is not something else. You and your non registered dog are doomed no matter what you say or do.
  • You may not enter the province with any dog of the 3 named purebreds or any "pitbull". (Refer to breed ID problems or any non registered dog)
  • No dog may be imported into the province; any dogs deemed falling under the legislation that were born after November 29th, 2005 are automatically booked a date to die.
  • No dog deemed to be falling under the legislation may bite any human or domestic animal or menace. There is no definition for either bite or menace in the legislation. As is stood for Ginger's ruling a bite includes a puppy bite/defensive bite/accidental bite/any bite. If a criminal breaks into your home and your dog bites the criminal to protect your property; your dog has less rights than the criminal and receives a date to die! There is no explanation of menace so this is also left up to the interpretation of the court. 
  • Contrary to Liberal spew, this law is 100% based on LOOKS not BEHAVIOR of any dog. The dog does not have to do anything wrong, simply needs to "look" a certain way. This law was NOT based on fact or science. Is it a well written law? Absolutely. It was written by constitutional lawyers and law professors. Is it based on rational or fact? Absolutely 100% NO! 

In Ginger's case, her owners mother was out for a walk with her. It was 2 months exactly after the law took effect. To be safe, since Ginger is a short haired mutt of unknown lineage, they were compliant with the law and she was leashed and muzzled. Another off leash dog named Buddy that is a Border Collie/Shepherd type dog, got into a squabble with Ginger and tore off her muzzle. Ginger received damage under her one eye that is permanent. Consequently the muzzle was taken as evidence by the city be subsequently "lost" before the court date. Ginger retaliated and Buddy's owner got in on the business end of the squabble. She was bitten but did not require hospital attention.

Animal control was called and Toronto Animal Services charged and seized Ginger. The city illegally held Ginger for 3 1/2 years in the pound. Ginger's owner hired a lawyer but the fact the city was illegally impounding Ginger was overlooked.

The case was taken over by Clay Ruby last summer. Ginger was sprung from the pound. Ginger was finally back with her owner after nearly 4 years. Many dogs wouldn't have lived through that experience unscathed, however Ginger picked up where she left off. Her mental and physical scars fell away and in true dog form living in the now, she adjusted quickly to life back with her owner.

A justice of the peace granted the city’s application in 2007 to have Ginger destroyed, but Ontario Court Justice Mary Hogan set aside that destruction order last year. Hogan said legislation introduced by the province in 2005, which amended the Dog Owners’ Liability Act and targeted pit bulls, was ambiguously worded. It could be interpreted to mean judges must always order a pit bull destroyed once it has bitten or attacked another person, she said, but it could also be read as requiring judges to first determine whether destruction is necessary for public safety.

The city of Toronto appealed Justice Hogan's decision. The city was granted an appeal. The city brought in the provincial Liberal government to intervene.

The ruling of the court of appeal disagreed with Justice Hogan and overturned her decision.

“Respectfully,” Blair said Thursday, Hogan’s “interpretation … is not tenable, in my view.”
The legislation is clear, he said, that when it comes to pit bulls, one bite or attack, or one menacing act by the dog, requires a court to issue a destruction order.
New evidence is not allowed in court of appeal. As part of the argument, Ruby asked the court to kick the case back down to a municipal level. New evidence could then be brought up and the appeal court did not need to rule in favor of killing a good dog based on the draconian law.

Dog squabbles happen all the time. This in no way indicates a dog is aggressive or a danger to public safety. It is irrational to think dogs must maintain composure no matter the circumstance. This may be likened to someone walking down the street minding their own business (wearing handcuffs *muzzle*) when someone comes up and punches you in the face. The handcuffs fall off now your hands are free. Do you retaliate? Probably. It is nature's way to retaliate in some way to an unwarranted attack.

I got to know Ginger and her owner in the last couple years. Ginger is a sweet and gentle soul. She has been through a lot in her 8 years. She was only 3 years old when she was attacked by Buddy. She has spent most of her life having her life fought for because she was at the wrong place at the wrong time and looked a certain way.

We had a fundraising event this past summer. Ginger and her owner attended the event. It was held in a night club on Queen St. W. There was a band (loud music) and a lot of people milling around. It was dark and loud. Where was Ginger? in the middle of the floor on her back, getting belly rubs!! She has such a balanced temperament. I know a lot of dogs and including my own I don't know of too many that would subject themselves to such a vulnerable position in a loud packed room full of strangers!

Ginger passed her CGN Canine Good Neighbor test in August. She passed with flying colors! I witnessed this with my own two eyes. The CGN test is a CKC certified test performed by a CKC certified evaluator.

There are 12 steps to the CGN test:

1. Accepting a friendly stranger
2. Politely accepts petting
3. Appearance and grooming
4. Out for a walk
5. Walking through a crowd
6. Sit/down on command and stay in place
7. Come when called
8. Praise and interaction
9. Reaction to a passing dog
10. Reaction to distraction
11. Supervised isolation
12. Walking through a door/gate

The last paragraph of the ruling makes me sick to my stomach.

I recognize this decision will be difficult for Mr. Huggins, and the result perhaps
incomprehensible to him. Like pet owners generally, he is undoubtedly very fond of
Ginger and sees her as the friendly dog and docile pet his mother portrayed at trial. The legislature has decided, however – as it is entitled to do – that pit bulls are inherently dangerous animals that pose a risk to public safety by their very presence in public places. The language of s. 4(8) is clear and unambiguous about what is to happen when a pit bull contravenes its provisions, and must be given effect.
“R.A. Blair J.A.”
“I agree D. O’Connor A.C.J.O.”
“I agree Janet Simmons J.A.”
RELEASED: November 4, 2010

I hope one day the heavy gauntlet of justice falls onto those who have contributed to the deaths of thousands of innocent souls. Souls that were killed not based on behavior; which behavior is learned at the hands of a human owner, but simply for looking a certain way. Legislated to die based on absolute propaganda, media hype, myth and bullshit.

Ginger getting her CGN test...

I am sorry sweet girly that Dalton McGuinty and his henchmen,this province and the city of Toronto let you down. I am ashamed to say I am from Ontario. 

Thanks Dalton McGuinty for making this province such a hell hole. I demand you resign your position as premier of this province! You are fired! This province will be years digging out from beneath the hole you have created. I hope you are proud of being the worst premier this province has ever witnessed!Take your right wing, hyper conservative views and shove them up your ass because we the people of this province don't share your fascist views. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Huggins Ruling

Released Nov 4/10

Link to Huggins Ruling

Letter to Cesar Milan and Cheri DiNovo's office denying Junior's entry to Ontario

I explained in a previous post that Cesar Milan specifically asked permission through Cheri DiNovo's office if he would be allowed to bring his dog Junior into the province for his tour. The reply letter was posted at the Ottawa Citizen.

Link to the reply letter;

Via Ottawa Citizen

Open letter to the media from Cheri DiNovo's office and the DLCC

World famous canine behaviourist has four sold-out shows across the province

Everybody who knows dogs knows Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer.  He has millions of fans all over the world who watch his television series and read his books.  When his famous dog, Daddy, passed away last year messages flooded in to the Dog Psychology Center expressing condolences on the loss of a fabulous dog and trusted assistant.

Daddy was old and failing when Cesar got Junior, the puppy Daddy trained as his replacement.  Junior learned well and is now filling the role of trusted sidekick to Cesar as they go from town to town rehabilitating dogs and training people.  The perennially popular television series, The Dog Whisperer, documents the many types of problems they confront and solve.

One problem they can't solve is the McGuinty government's refusal to let Junior enter Ontario.  You see, Junior is perceived to be a "pit bull".

The McGuinty government is determined to uphold its amendments to the Dog Owners' Liability Act (2005), popularly referred to as the "pit bull" ban.

Correspondence from the Attorney General's office indicates that the government will say anything to save face, despite the lack of any factual supporting evidence for its so-called breed ban.  Since purebred dogs of the three breeds banned in Ontario are so rare that most people have never seen them except at dog shows, the law includes a clause targeting dogs that are substantially similar in physical appearance to these three rare breeds.

Junior apparently fits the 'substantially similar' description of the non-breed "pit bull".

So once again, a responsible owner is being discriminated against because of the physical appearance of his dog - not the dog's behaviour, but it's looks.

Despite overwhelming opposition to the amendments in correspondence, at demonstrations and at the public Committee Hearings held in 2005, the government went ahead with its ill-advised 'breed' ban. 

Organizations such as Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, Canadian Kennel Club,  American Kennel Club, Dog Legislation Council of Canada,  United Kennel Club, American Dog Owners Association, North American Flyball Association, Canadian Safety Council,  Canadian Association of Pet Dog Trainers ,  Canadian Association of Dog Judges, Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (UK), among others were against the ban.

To this day, the government insists that three pure breeds of dog are dangerous and that any dog that vaguely looks like them is dangerous, even though all the facts, scientific evidence and bite statistics prove them wrong.

The real losers in this instance are not only the people who paid to see Cesar Milan and his right-hand dog Junior perform but also the thousands of Ontario dog owners who have a garden-variety mutt that might be mistaken for one of Dalton McGuinty's "pit bulls".

It's time to end the insanity and repeal the amendments to the Dog Owners' Liability Act (2005) before more innocent owners and their pets are hurt.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cesar Milan had to leave his sidekick Junior at home..

Cesar Milan asked permission of the provincial Liberal government, to bring his dog Junior into Ontario to help with his live shows in Hamilton and Toronto.

The Ontario government's reply was a flat NO not Junior or any "pitbull" is allowed in the province.

This is NO surprise since the notorious ban was never based on fact or behavior in the first place. It was based on propaganda, lies and of course how the dog looks not how it behaves! 

There is no surprise that the McGuinty Liberals have NOT come to their senses. I don't expect that will ever happen but I have become somewhat of a pessimist in the past few years. The Liberals have trained me well. Their mantra is repeating the same act (banning things) and expecting a different result. The definition of insanity!

From CP 24

Ontario pit bull ban forces Dog Whisperer to leave canine companion at home

TORONTO — There are some problems even the Dog Whisperer can't solve. An Ontario politician is up in arms because Cesar Millan can't bring his trusted sidekick, Junior, with him to the province.
The Liberal government banned pit bulls five years ago, saying the breed was too dangerous.
New Democrat Cheri DiNovo says it shows that Ontario discriminates against even the most responsible owner because of how a dog looks, not how it behaves.
She wrote an open letter condemning the government for denying the celebrated dog trainer his loyal companion as he travels Canada for a speaking tour.
Millan, host of the popular TV show "The Dog Whisperer," has focused on rehabilitating aggressive dogs.
He even dedicated one episode to dispelling myths about breeds that are considered to be particularly aggressive, saying it's the owner who often determines the dog's behaviour.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Have you said your "I hate the McGuinty Liberals" yet today? All together now..

 From CP24 today

NDP says public utilities should not be donating to Liberal Party of Ontario


 TORONTO — There's nothing wrong with public utilities donating money to the Ontario Liberal Party, Energy Minister Brad Duguid said Monday after the NDP charged the donations are driving up hydro bills.

The New Democrats released Elections Ontario documents showing that local utilities, including Newmarket-Tay Power and Oakville Hydro, donated thousands of dollars to the Liberal party in the past few years.
"Essex Power put nearly $3,000 into Liberal party coffers, while Thunder Bay Hydro made a donation to the Thunder Bay Superior North Liberal Riding Association," NDP Leader Andrea Horwath told the legislature.
"Why are families who are already feeling the squeeze funding the Ontario Liberal Party when they're paying their hydro bills?"
Duguid repeatedly refused to answer Horwath's questions in the legislature, and outside the house defended the political donations by utilities.
"We have the most stringent rules probably ever in Ontario in place and they apply to all three political parties," said Duguid.
"Those that make donations to the governing party make donations to the opposition generally as well."
Duguid wouldn't say if he thought it was appropriate for municipally owned utilities to donate to political parties at a time when electricity rates are rising, repeating his statements about the donations following the rules.
The Progressive Conservatives also refused to support the NDP's call to change the rules to prohibit local utility companies from making political donations.
"I wouldn't advocate changing a system that is clear and transparent about where campaign contributions come from," said Opposition Leader Tim Hudak.
Each of the utilities named by the New Democrats said they never donated money directly to the Liberals, but rather purchased tickets to party fundraisers so they could network with cabinet ministers and industry officials on the Green Energy Act.
The Elections Ontario documents show Oakville Hydro gave the Liberals $8,500 in 2009 and another $7,000 in 2008.
Newmarket-Tay Power Corp. gave the Liberals $2,350 in 2009, but the money was used to buy tickets to fundraisers or for speeches by then energy minister George Smitherman, said CFO Ian Clinton.
"We would never make donations to a byelection," said Clinton. "We're a publicly funded utility company."
Oakville Hydro did not use money from electricity ratepayers to buy tickets to Liberal fundraisers, but instead used funds from its other businesses, which included telecommunications and construction companies, said CEO Bob Lister.
"This would have been paid for by funds earned elsewhere than the electricity distributor," said Lister.
"From our perspective, it was an industry networking event to support the business needs of the corporation."
Essex Power Corporation donated $2,940 to the governing Liberals, $1,700 of which the party directed to the Toronto-Centre byelection, which the Liberals won in February this year.
The utility viewed the Liberal fundraisers as necessary networking events, said Essex Power President and CEO Ray Tracey.
"It's really to understand the direction of the government and... ensuring that if we're going to be making investments we can be sure that there's a commitment to these (green energy) programs," said Tracey.
Other funds donated by the utilities were directed by the Liberals to last year's byelection in Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock, which the government won, defeating then PC Leader John Tory.
"It's obvious that byelections provide that extra opportunity for more money to flow," said Horwath.
Other public utilities donating to the Liberals included Thunder Bay Hydro ($330), Greater Sudbury Hydro Plus ($520), St. Catharines Power Generation ($228), and Niagara-on-the-Lake Hydro ($215).
The government's refusal to change the rules or acknowledge the political donations are inappropriate is a "slap in the face to every hydro ratepayer in this province," added Horwath.
"It is indefensible," she said. "There's no way that these public utilities should be donating to political parties. They benefit from it (so) they don't want to change the rule."
The government points out the NDP have also accepted donations from the energy sector, including $1,200 from Five Nations Energy Inc., which is jointly owned by the Attawapiskat, Kashechewan and Fort Albany First Nations.

Can October 2011 come soon enough??