Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Why have 19+ States banned breed specific language?

Talk about being dumped? 

I'll tell what is unpopular; the usage of breed profiling or banning breed/type/appearance of dogs as a plan to control or diminish dog bites/attacks. 

You may ban any given topic, item or idea and banning is never going to be an effective control of said item but that doesn't seem to deter the weak minded from trying. 

BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) became somewhat of a "fad" for lack of a better word, sometime in the past 20 to 25 years. 

There are many facets of BSL that are problematic and downright insane but the good news is this "fad" is falling like a strike in a great bowling game. 

There are now 19 states in the USA that have put in place legislation against the usage of breed profiling or discrimination. Here is a link to more information and a map (missing the confirmation of the most recent Utah) of states to have passed such legislation. There are many more states considering this concept and will likely follow suit soon. 

It cracks me up really, that there are still a few strays (no pun intended) that belch out ignorant articles every time a "supposed" 'pit bull' story hits the news wire. Calling for "Is it time for a ban on 'pit bulls' in Blabla city/town"? Here just vote in this poll to have your say... 

Yeah ok like some shady clickbait newspaper poll somehow links directly to city bylaw or provincial/state law. If our elected officials are basing legislation on clickbait polls; Houston we definitely have a problem!

A recent national US survey (commissioned by Best Friends Animal Society) revealed that 84% of Americans believe that government on any level should not infringe on the right to choose which breed of dog one owns! 

Hang on to your hats kids. This "fad" will die eventually. 

Picture courtesy of Game Dog Guardian

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