Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bite stats remain constant in Ontario so NO the ban doesn't work!

A couple weeks ago Global News did a series of short news stories on dogs. The first of the series led the viewer to think that bite stats in Ontario are down since "pitbulls" were banned. 

Well, they were wrong. Not only were they wrong they did not tell the truth about where they got the numbers from. They claimed they got the numbers from Public Health yet when my colleague at Caveat contacted PH they clearly stated they do not keep bite stats by breed. 

The Star's columnist, Yvette Van Veen, did a great article last Saturday. 

Read up.. both Caveat and Yvette did a bang up job digging for the truth.. The truth is, the numbers state what we have been telling people all along. Breed bans DO NOT work and have never worked in any jurisdiction. The Liberal government was given this information before passing the ban here in Ontario but they chose the path of lies and grand standing over implementing common sense which would have done more to protect public safety than the insane law that is breed specific legislation in Ontario!

Legislation was introduced to repeal the "pitbull" ban in Ontario!

Today PC MPP Randy Hillier tabled a bill to repeal the "pitbull" ban here in Ontario. What is special about this time is there is TRI PARTY AGREEMENT, which means the bill has been tabled by MPP's from all three provincial political parties. 

PC MPP Randy Hillier
NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo
Lib MPP Kim Craitor

This is the best chance we have had since Dalton McGuinty passed the amendment to DOLA and ARA in August of 2005.

The first reading was today. The bill will be debated in the house February 23/2012 and we want to fill the legislature and then some!

Once the bill passes second reading it will go to committee hearings. There were committee hearings when the ban was brought in. There were 102 presentations spread over 4 days in 2004/2005. A whopping 86 of the presentations were against the ban! The foundation of this law is discriminatory, evil and built on a foundation of sand (or bull shit) depending on how you want to describe it. We have always presented the facts and when a foundation is built on the truth it will one day prevail. 

This is the best chance we have had to get this law repealed since August 2005. We are happy and hopeful. 

Heartfelt thank you to Randy Hillier, Cheri DiNovo and Kim Craitor!

Here we go!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Beyond the Myth coming to a Canadian city near you!

If you know of or represent a venue that might be interested 
in hosting a screening of Beyond the Myth, 
please contact Lori at
For more information about the film visit

Monday, November 14, 2011

Is it possible Edmonton rethinks BSL?

Council reopens contentious debate on breed-specific bylaw

EDMONTON — Edmonton city council Monday reopened the contentious debate on pit bulls and breed-specific dog bylaws.
Mayor Stephen Mandel asked animal control staff to report back in January with recommendations on whether the current restrictions are warranted.
“Breed-specific legislation might not be justified,” said David Aitken, the city branch manager responsible for bylaw enforcement. “There’s a train of thought that suggests it’s not the animal, it’s the owner that has the issue. Therefore, you can’t hold specific breeds responsible for actions.”

Monday, November 7, 2011

Beyond The Myth Toronto was amazing!

The DLCC was very pleased to have hosted the Toronto screening of Beyond the Myth this past weekend. Writer/Producer/Director Libby Sherrill and her sidekick Bob were in Toronto for the screening. There were 2 screenings, one Saturday and Sunday. 

At the screening on Saturday we were pleased to have NDP MPP for Parkdale/High Park Cheri DiNovo there. Cheri offered words of encouragement that Hershey's Law will one day soon come to fruition. 

Libby Sherrill and Cheri DiNovo

Beyond the Myth is a film that enlightens, melts your heart, breaks your heart and leaves you laughing and crying then ignites or re-ignites a fire in your soul to do the right thing and fight this discrimination with all your might. Those of us who have been touched by the discriminatory law, based on how your dog "looks", know all to well the emotional roller coaster that you fall into. Beyond the Myth captures the insanity that is the foundation for BSL or breed specific legislation.

We feel fortunate to have met Libby and applaud her undertaking. We support Libby and feel Beyond The Myth is a film that needs to be widely viewed. 

The insanity of BSL is a deep wound in the heart of every person touched by it's cruel discrimination. We stand strong, proud and united. We will continue this fight until we have ended this insanity. 

I encourage you to read Desiree and Coco's story from Beyond the Myth website. An example of the cruel reality of what BSL means to people's lives.

It is not a matter of if BSL will be repealed but WHEN BSL will be repealed!

Hershey's Law will become a reality in Ontario. We will not back down until this becomes our reality.

As an add on...

I heard from Libby this morning and she relayed a message from her friend Bob who traveled to Toronto to help with the screening. 

Bob is not a dog owner himself but supports the project because he disagrees with BSL.

Bob's comment after coming to Toronto and meeting we Canucks...

Bob thought the people who hosted and attended the screening were among the most passionate that he'd met after attending 10 screenings. 
Wow what a compliment! Thanks Bob!! We are so happy to have met you and a warm thank you to you for helping out and supporting "the cause"!

7th Annual SOAR Christmas Party

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7th Annual SOAR Christmas Party
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Saturday November 26, 2011 from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM EST
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New this year:
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Pictures with Santa Paws!

Amazing Raffle Table!

Great Food & Refreshments!

Home made Baked Goods, including some great vegan items!

and much, MUCH more!

ALL Breeds Welcome! This is a muzzle-free event!
All dogs must be dog-friendly, leashed & up to date on vaccines

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