Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Legislation was introduced to repeal the "pitbull" ban in Ontario!

Today PC MPP Randy Hillier tabled a bill to repeal the "pitbull" ban here in Ontario. What is special about this time is there is TRI PARTY AGREEMENT, which means the bill has been tabled by MPP's from all three provincial political parties. 

PC MPP Randy Hillier
NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo
Lib MPP Kim Craitor

This is the best chance we have had since Dalton McGuinty passed the amendment to DOLA and ARA in August of 2005.

The first reading was today. The bill will be debated in the house February 23/2012 and we want to fill the legislature and then some!

Once the bill passes second reading it will go to committee hearings. There were committee hearings when the ban was brought in. There were 102 presentations spread over 4 days in 2004/2005. A whopping 86 of the presentations were against the ban! The foundation of this law is discriminatory, evil and built on a foundation of sand (or bull shit) depending on how you want to describe it. We have always presented the facts and when a foundation is built on the truth it will one day prevail. 

This is the best chance we have had to get this law repealed since August 2005. We are happy and hopeful. 

Heartfelt thank you to Randy Hillier, Cheri DiNovo and Kim Craitor!

Here we go!

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  1. I hope we lift this stupid ban on pit bulls! no dogs shall be ban in Ontario or elsewhere in the world!
    why don't they make laws to put bad owners in jail for long periods of time? that would cut dog bites, not to ban a breed.
    if you ask me, to ban a breed is the same as if you were to ban a race in Ontario.
    Canada is a multicultural country, so to ban a breed of dog is ridiculous, I mean what kind of example are we setting here??