Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I thought I'd share a cute holiday video from Wallace the "Pit Bull". 

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone and wishing you and your family, both furry or not, all the best in 2013! 

May 2013 be the year we rid Ontario and other jurisdictions of BSL. The domino's are falling in our favour. The discrimination of banning breeds, shapes and appearances of dogs is insane and MUST STOP!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bob Delaney can't seem to make up his mind?

Mississauga - Streetsville Liberal MPP Bob Delaney along with Pat Saito, Councillor Ward 8 hosted a free skate in celebration of winter. 

Delaney has been MPP in Mississauga - Streetsville since 2003. Delaney chaired a portion of the committee hearings for Bill 132 back in 2004/2005. Let's just say he is quite familiar with BSL in Ontario.

A group of dog owning constituents attended the event. Delaney previously expressed he feels the "pit bull" ban in Ontario is a dead issue. This group of Mississauga dog owners countered Delaney's opinion letting him know this issue is far from dead. 

One constituent reported his response to her was "He is glad these vicious killing machines are gone and he'll support the ban forever". He then scurried away into the men's washroom to avoid any further questions!

Hmm "killing machines"? Has Delaney not received the memo about how many dog bite related fatalities in Canada have been related to "pit bulls"? 

In conversation, another constituent reported that allegedly while begging for votes Delaney said "If someone presents another Bill that deals with this issue instead of that horrible Nazi law that goes against every damn word written in the charter of rights, I'll vote for it". 

Well there was a Bill in the House which passed 2nd reading, committee hearings and only needed to be called for third. It was tri-party supported but Delaney didn't vote in favour of it.  

Every dog has it's day. Every MPP has an expiry date. Instead of running off to the washroom to avoid constituents, maybe you should be a man and realize the error of your ways.