Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 9th Sub-Commttee Report where do we go from here?

May 9th the Bill 16 Committee met for a final report and vote on amendments. The Liberals decided to dig in their spike heels and voted "NO" to all amendments. I guess Berardinetti, Coteau, Sergio and Dhillon all drank the kool-aid? Either their ears were painted on or they weren't paying attention during the committee hearings. 

One of them made a comment to someone on our side;  

"You have your beliefs; we have ours!" 

Can you freeking believe it? 

Ok, stupid question...

But for shit's sake! Beliefs? How they think they can argue with science is beyond me. They have been presented with the facts but I guess it is easier to believe fiction? Shorter neuron pathway? Someone is short a few synapses but I won't mention any names.. 

Anyway if you feel like you need an aneurysm here is a link to the Hansard.

Hansard for May 9, 2012 sub committee final meeting.

Bill 16 has now passed without any amendments and available for third reading. Unfortunately McGuinty holds the cards as to whether the Bill will be called for third.

Here is what you can do;

Set up an appointment to meet with your MPP and explain to them why you want Bill 16 to be called for third reading, regardless of party. The PC's and NDP's need to hear from you too so this becomes of importance.

Second choice send a fax to your MPP and all people listed below.

Third choice send an email to your MPP and all people listed below. 

Go often to www.bringbackthebulls.com and send an email through the site to;

Your MPP no matter the party and let them know you want Bill 16 to be called for third.

Fax and Email Dalton McGuinty and let him know as well. Fax 613-736-7374 and 416-325-3745

Fax and Email John Milloy. He is the Liberal House Leader and participates in the decision as well. Fax 416-325-5191

Fax and Email Dwight Duncan. He is the Deputy Premier. Fax 519-251-5299

If you want to show some love for the committee members please do so. Their participation is over but you may demonstrate how you feel about reading through Hansard and their participation in committee..

Lorenzo Berardinetti fax 416-494-9937
Michael Coteau fax 416-494-9937
Vic Dhillon fax 905-796-8069
Mario Sergio fax 416-743-3292

The MPP's that signed on to Bill 16 to bring it forward as a tri party Bill are;

Randy Hillier
Cheri DiNovo
Kim Craitor

I am sure they would all appreciate a note of encouragement. 

Here is a handy list of all MPP's contact information. 

Here is a handy list of email addresses for all MPP's in text form.

Happy faxing and emailing...

Don't give up! Together we can be a collective pain in the ass and get this brought up for third reading. We need EVERYONE to participate! Apparently they do not listen to reason nor are most Ontario Liberals capable of rational thought process so time to bug..

There is one last point I would like to make. 
There were 3 Liberals that voted in our favour at second reading. A quick note to thank them and encourage them to help bring Bill 16 for third reading and ask for their continued support.

Kim Craitor
Mike Colle
Grant Crack

Monday, May 7, 2012

Final Committee Clause by Clause May 9

The final Committee meeting on Bill 16 will be on Wed. May 9th at 9am. 
The Committee will vote clause by clause on amendments made to DOLA (Dog Owners Liability Act).
Once the Bill is finalized it will be ready to be called for third reading. The clause by clause will be live streamed by hitting the link below. At the link you will see Queen's Park webcasts. When you hit the webcast link a viewing frame should appear on your screen.