Friday, June 28, 2013

Discrimination is alive and well

Yesterday morning I was listening to CBC radio and they interviewed Harvey Brownstone, the first openly gay judge in Canada. He married Edith Windsor (who successfully had the Defense of Marriage Act overturned in the US) and Thea Spayer. 

He was speaking about the case in the US. One of his statements was "This issue is the last civil rights battle." It wasn't a main portion of his commentary but it certainly stood out like a sore thumb (in my mind).

Ummm Harvey I don't think so man! For a judge, and a GAY judge at that, to say something like this is rather narrow, don't you think? 

As far as I'm concerned, as long as there are ways, in people's pea brains, to judge and discriminate based on any factor "they" decide to be "different" or somehow against their moral compass... There will be a need to fight for civil rights! Propaganda is alive and well.

It always freaks me out when those who have been discriminated against or for that matter someone who is a lawyer/judge cannot extrapolate beyond the situation at hand.

Take away from this; be careful not to see the world with narrow vision when you have experienced the wrath of discrimination! Victims of discrimination come in many shapes and forms and as humans, sadly there will never be a lack of discrimination. 

Dog owners who own dogs of a certain shape or appearance are one of the  target groups de jour. When one group has a win another is ready and waiting to become the next target. It is human nature and not a pleasant characteristic. 

Talk about an uphill battle.