Monday, January 26, 2009

Another heartbreaking story from London, Ontario

Recently, a London woman kindly took in a dog down on its luck. The dog in the picture above (Faith), along with another dog, belonged to neighbors. The dogs were disposable items and left behind when they moved away. The woman, I’ll call her Jane which is not her real name, along with her 13 year old son willingly gave Faith a permanent home.

Here is an excerpt from her letter:

Faith has had her vaccinations, spayed and chipped. When I got her she was starving for attention and pretty thin, she had bonded instantly with my son who is thirteen. I loved her right from the beginning, she is an awesome dog.

I have been laid off since Oct. so in the morning I will be watching the news and she curls right up and sleeps for about two hours. At around 12pm she will wait by the door for my son coming home for lunch and also around 3:30 when he comes homes from school.

London animal control got a tip from someone saying there was a “pitbull” at a certain address. When AC showed up, they deemed her a “pitbull” and said Jane had 14 days to get Faith out of province or Faith would be killed. Unfortunately the previous owners had her micro chipped, and chip identified her as a “pitbull” and listed her age at approx 1 1/2 yrs old.

With choices running low, Jane contacted ANML RESQ. The rescue has safely moved Faith out of the province where she has a chance to find a loving forever home and second chance at life.

Here is another excerpt from Jane’s letter:

All I ask and wish for is that someone protects her and loves her.  She did not deserve to be taken away from a home with people who could find no fault with her.  Faith is so deserving of a good wholesome family that will keep her and cherish her forever. 

It is extremely difficult for me to let go however it was this option or she was to be destroyed by those that are enforcing a law with no merit.  Faith did nothing wrong other than being born a ‘type’ of dog.  This law has destroyed many lives I am certain, as my son and I are grieving this loss.  I am uncertain if we will ever completely heal.

Another dog has been ripped from its loving owner for no reason other than how it looks. Thanks McGuinty Liberals for bringing heartbreak to thousands of Ontario dog owners for no reason other than political optics.

Here is an excerpt from a volunteer at Gerdy’s Rescue and Adoptions, who are the receiving rescue for Faith:

 This has been an emotional roller coaster for all involved I am certain.  Even though I have been actively moving animals in and out of both Quebec and Ontario - I never was touched by this on a personal level.  I have a strong feeling that no one really does understand the magnitude of this ban until there is a loved one or acquaintance that has been affected.

I am a personal friend of Faith’s owner. London Animal Control (London Animal Care Centre) arrived at her home.  Faith was not involved in an incident such as free at large, an attack or excessive barking.  Faith was outside on the balcony and someone said she was using this as her bathroom.  Animal control investigated and found no evidence - therefore unfounded.  When he was at the door Faith came to him and was licking his hand and was being her friendly self. That's when he said Faith was a pit bull. The owner said “no she is boxer mix”.  He looked at her teeth and said she was only approx. 1 year old and Faith was to leave the province unless there was proof Faith was 3.5 years of age.

I read the checklist from London Animal Care Centre; which clearly indicates the 'proof dog is not a pit bull' and 'proof dog is a 'restricted' pit bull.  In reading this “checklist” you can clearly see that it is impossible to keep any short haired mutt within London if there is no documents almost from birth dated 2005.

On a side note from the personal friend/rescue worker: The owner who rescued Faith has recently suffered tremendous tragic personal loss.  She only wanted to hold onto what is left and Faith played a huge part. She suffers silently.  She is a strong woman however this is one blow that she could have done without. This is not only about a dog; but it is also about a human being. Hopefully something good can come out of this.  Hopefully there is hope.  I have 'Faith'.

I would like to remind dog owners to please not register your dog with your vet or license her as a “pitbull”, “pitbull terrier” "stafford cross" or any similar term. There is no such breed and you are only giving ammunition to those choosing to enforce this law (which there is no obligation to enforce).

Do not let Animal Control officers enter your home or take your dog. Demand to see a warrant.
Know your rights and contact a lawyer if you are in need of legal assistance.
Do not volunteer information. This may be used against you!
For more information about what to do if Animal Control comes to your door click here.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thoughts and thought control

Happy 2009...

I spent my holidays hunkered down. 2008 was a year that seemed to deal out blow after blow. It felt great to have some days with very little contact with the outside world. I spent several days doing what I wanted, when I wanted. That sort of lifestyle could seriously get addictive.
I had a discussion with a friend the other day about animal welfare vs. animal rights. I wondered aloud how different we really are. I guesstimated likely 80 to 90% of people who support and follow AR or liberationists groups either have no idea what that means or that these groups have liberation as their main goal. I think the vast majority of followers and supports only see the warm and fuzzy side of things. 

Let's face it, who wants to see animals suffer? Well, the small percentage of the population that are sociopath's and/or animal abusers; I guess.. I don't even think some who inflict suffering and pain actually know they are doing a disservice to the animal. People who use improper harsh corrections, tether animals for long and frequent periods without enough stimulation and basic needs met. Those are just a couple examples. I guess I am imposing my view of what is decent and correct in that statement as well; however I believe common sense goes a long way. Most of us have at least a good grasp on common sense, but there is a portion of the pop that haven't a clue and they are the ones who stand out in a crowd. 

While having this discussion and talking about my views on treatment of animals raised for food and hunting etc... my friend reminded me:

But the ultimate AR goal is liberation

Wikipedia Liberation definition:

Animal rights, also known as animal liberation, is the idea that the most basic interests of animals should be afforded the same consideration as the similar interests of human beings. Animal rights advocates approach the issue from different philosophical positions, but they agree that animals should no longer be regarded as property, or used as food, clothing, research subjects, or entertainment, but should instead be viewed as legal persons and members of the moral community.
AR groups such as Peta go the extra mile to imply animals are better off dead. 

Some quotes by Ingrid herself:

There is no hidden agenda. If anybody wonders about -- what’s this with all these reforms -- you can hear us clearly. Our goal is total animal liberation. [emphasis added]
— “Animal Rights 2002” convention, Jun 2002
I openly hope that it [hoof-and-mouth disease] comes here. It will bring economic harm only for those who profit from giving people heart attacks and giving animals a concentration camp-like existence. It would be good for animals, good for human health and good for the environment.
ABC News interview, Apr 2001

In the end, I think it would be lovely if we stopped this whole notion of pets altogether.
Newsday, Feb 1988

I asked the question, but don't you think the general masses would never allow an end to pet ownership? Don't you think people will catch on before it is too late?

Anyone remember the second world war? Rwanda? Armenia? These examples are recent. If people can brainwash or manipulate humans into mass killing of entire races or demographics of people by the millions, what is stopping humans from killing animals by the millions? Aren't humans animals? Ok, now this is where I draw the line.

I want all animals treated with respect and dignity. I don't mind paying more for my food to allow for proper treatment of animals. What is proper? Healthy and safe environment. Healthy as in; clean, dry, well ventilated and no forcible feeding. Proper, appropriate and healthful nutrition. Does it not make sense that if what we raise for food is treated with a healthy environment; we will be healthier for it? It is called the food chain. Do we need meat? No, not really. Many people survive and flourish on vegan or vegetarian diets. Is it something I choose? No. I believe it should be a choice. I won't judge you if you don't judge me. The world balances itself if we let it, however this is where man's meddling comes in. When the world tilts and needs a V-8, you can bet there is a human behind the reason. 

Here is my vision.

I would love to see an across the board, enforceable, common sense set of standards set for at least North America. Ok, Canada for now. Let's worry about home first.

If we can lead by example, hopefully others will notice. We have certainly paid attention to many European countries that have woken up to the smell of Nescafe. I would like to see a participation of as many different sectors as possible put together what is reasonable and enforceable. There are examples in effect that are proven winners. Let's use the model and get it in place across the country. Let's revamp the farming industry similarly to what was done for animal control in Calgary. Simply, concisely and use common sense. Let's join together as consumers, owners, breeders, animal lovers and those who can't be bothered. Let's negotiate what we can live with and what makes sense. Let's move ahead of the radicals and sociopaths and leave them to thrash around in their own bed of nails. Let's prevent another tragedy stemming from complacency and denial.

Let's catch this one before it's too late. Before it becomes something in a history book...

History class 2050. Pet ownership; a thing of the past. Remember when our parents and grandparents used to own dogs, cats, and other animals as pets? Imagine, a dog, cat or any other smallish animal living in your house, sleeping in your bed. Relying on a human for food, shelter and water... wow. What a foreign experience.

Sorry everyone, I can't imagine not having a dog/s in my bed.