Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fair and Equal treatment under the law?

What a foreign concept for those who own a dog that happens to be identified as a "pitbull" in Ontario! 

Pitbull owner fighting for dog's life
OTTAWA — Tyrus, the pitbull that killed a Shih Tzu, is still alive — for now.
"If it was any other dog, he would get three strikes but because he's a pitbull, he's not allowed to have that," said owner Jennifer Mayer, who made her first court appearance Thursday.
Mayer initially decided to put the dog down but is now contesting the city's application to have the dog destroyed.
She's charged with permitting a dog to bite under the animal care and control bylaw, according to city spokesman Barre Campbell. The 10-year-old American red nose pitbull was marked "vicious" by the city's bylaw department and ordered muzzled and leashed at all times after the attack on April 13.
An 11-year-old boy, Jesse Lorange, was walking his Shih Tzu, Bailey, when Tyrus pounced and sunk its teeth into the smaller dog's throat.
Two days later, a Shih Tzu sunk its teeth into a woman's nose while she was working at an east-end Home Depot store.
The dog ripped off a chunk of Anne Riel's nose and she needed seven stitches and surgery.
Odette Fournier, the owner of that dog, is also contesting charges.
Fournier was hit with a $610 fine and ordered to keep her 12-year-old dog, Spot, muzzled at all times in public.
"Little dogs do attack," said Mayer. "I, for one, have been bit plenty."
But the small dog wasn't ordered to be put down.
And that's all the more reason, Mayer said, to let her dog live.
"My dog (attack) was a dog-on-dog, not dog-on-human," said Mayer, who's facing more than $600 in fines.
"That's not fair at all, but that's life, right?"
Mayer's next court date is May 20.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Denver Permits Pit Bull Service Dogs in City

Animal Law Center Learns City of Denver Now Permits The Use Pit Bulls As Service Dogs
City of Denver enacted policy change on April 5, 2011.
April 29, 2011; FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Attorneys with The Animal Law Center in Wheat Ridge, Colorado learned today that the City of Denver has adopted a policy that permits disabled citizens to use pit bulls as service animals. In a court motion filed by the City, Doug Kelley, director of animal care and control, stated that the city will no longer prevent use of the breed for service dog work within the city’s jurisdiction.
In an affidavit, Kelley stated that the policy and procedure was adopted in writing to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. (Affidavit is attached as a PDF to this email)
“This revised policy brings Denver closer to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act,” said Jennifer Edwards, lawyer and founder of The Animal Law Center. “The ADA allows the use of pit bulls as service dogs. This is a step forward for Denver. However, this change in the City’s policy does not fully resolve our lawsuit.”
On March 25, 2011, The Animal Law Center filed an amended Federal Lawsuit that challenges the breed bans in Denver and Aurora on behalf of four clients who own pit bull service dogs. Each of the plaintiffs uses their animal to assist them daily with life tasks.
About The Animal Law Center:  The Animal Law Center provides an array of legal services for animal owners and guardians.  We are the only dedicated animal law practice in Colorado and are one of the few firms in the United States that practice animal-related law on a full time basis.  While individual members of The Animal Law Center hold political and ethical beliefs related to animals, the ALC considers ALL cases, regardless of a potential client’s political and ethical views. The ALC is a firm that practices law as it pertains to animals, not necessarily animal-rights law. For more

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

CAPPDT Conference open to experienced trainers, new trainers and dog owners

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bidding for Bullies II

We (DLCC) are co-hosting an event with Stop Canine Profiling called;

Bidding for Bullies II

Date: Saturday April 16th 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Where: Blue Moon Pub    725 Queen St. East (Queen and Broadview) Toronto

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We are hosting a silent auction featuring;

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Lunch with NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo @ Queen's Park

Nicole Christian will be playing.. she is awesome!
A unique collection of original, home-brewed roots and blues featuring raucous piano, twangy slide guitar, sultry vocals and backwoods strings that is sure to make you want to grab your burbon and tap your toes all at the same time.

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McGuinty's Backtrack Boogie

Ontario Liberal Party president discusses E Health

Monday, April 4, 2011

Liberal MPP David Zimmer gets educated about "old news"

Honestly, if one thinks it is OK that Ontario dog owners have been thrown under the bus by the McGuinty Liberals, discrimination against people who own a certain "look" of dog and killing thousands of dogs based on how they look is "OK" and a form of controlling bites/attacks... You may need an education! 

You really need an education when you are the parliamentary assistant to the AG. You really REALLY need an education when you sat in or chaired major portions of the committee hearings and heard testimony after testimony that breed bans are not an effective way of controlling dog bites and attacks.

You certainly deserve to be tuned in if you think Ontario dog owners are worthy of the pain, heartache and stress of having your family pet taken from you and killed based on how he looks OR wondering every morning if today will be the day that happens...

Here is a letter that was emailed to MPP David Zimmer from one Ontario dog owner;

Hello Mr. Zimmer

I recently heard from a friend that you believe the "pit bull" ban is old news? I wanted to write you and let you know the "pit bull" ban is far from old news. You should also be aware, as I was informed you are not, there are several thousands of these dogs still in the province. People are still going to court over "pit bull" issues, they are still bringing them into the province and they are still breeding what you people consider "pit bulls", in the Province of Ontario.

As the owner of dogs considered by yourself and people like you to be "pit bulls", I am disgusted at the level of discrimination you and your party have condoned with respect to these dogs and against their owners. 

I have lived in this province most of my life, I was born here, I work here, I pay taxes here and I have NEVER been charged with or convicted of a criminal offence. However, because of people like you, government officials who condone discrimination of any kind, who blatantly ignore the facts and go ahead with legislation to satisfy your own political agendas, I have been blacklisted from a number of businesses, public areas and have even had things thrown at me while walking my "pit bull". I have also been yelled at and harassed because of what you and your party have condoned. 

From the beginning you have been provided with facts about so called "pit bulls" as well as the ineffectiveness of breed bans all over the world. During the public hearings you and your party had the opportunity to do the right thing, to take information from someone like Mr. Bill Bruce, Director of Animal and Bylaw Services, who by the way is world renowned for his success in reducing dogs bites in that city, even though their "pit bull" population has doubled since Ontario's ban as they have taken in thousands of the dogs that would have been killed here. Yet, their bite stats are still the lowest they have seen in their history and across Canada. Mr. Bruce travels all over North America talking to various communities about Calgary's success and many of those communities are adopting his methods, something Ontario should have done 6 years ago. 

The fact you believe the "pit bull" issue is old news just goes to show that you do not care about all of the citizens of this province, only the ones you can buy votes from. Discrimination against a group of people is wrong Mr. Zimmer, regardless of the type of discrimination and yes, you ARE discriminating against me and not just my dog, but neither makes you any better a person.

A couple of weeks ago over 200 people marched in downtown Toronto to show their support for repealing the ban. Does that sound to you like it doesn't matter? Like it is old news?

Mr. Zimmer, I am reminded of the ban every single day and what you and your party have done to the people like me who have to live it every day. Are you even aware of the number of innocent animals you people had a hand in killing? How many family pets have been ripped from loving homes because you and your party decided to discriminate against anything with a stocky build, a short coat and a square shaped head?

I have never discriminated against anyone in my entire life, I never expected that this type of discrimination would be condoned by those who are in power or that I would be faced with it head on. It's 2011 and people shouldn't be facing discrimination of any kind. You and your party should be ashamed of yourselves.

You were provided with the information about why breed bans don't work, as well as the fact that there is no such breed of dog as a "pit bull". You held public hearings and out of over 100 people who spoke over 80 were against the ban, including ALL of the organizations who spoke and yet you proceeded to enact legislation that has not only condoned discrimination against a group of people, but which has killed thousands of innocent dogs and cost the province hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now you just sweep it under the rug like it doesn't matter? You say there aren't many "pit bulls" left in Ontario? Do you ever go out of your house Mr. Zimmer? You should open your eyes Mr. Zimmer because you have never been more wrong. 

You should be ashamed of yourself. I am ashamed of every single one of the officials who voted for this disgusting piece of legislation and I will never vote Liberal again because of it. Please don't think I am alone, the 200 people who marched a couple of weeks ago are only a small hand full of people who feel the same way I do and we can't wait until election day.

If you wish to contact Mr. Zimmer yourself

Liberal MPP David Zimmer

Newtonbrook Plaza
Unit 3 5801 Yonge Street
North York, ON M2M 3T9
Tel: (416) 733-7878
Fax: (416)733-7709


McMurtry Scott Building
720 Bay Street, 11th Floor
Toronto, ON M5G 2K1
Tel: (416) 325-5216
Fax: (416) 325-4175


Ministry of the Attorney General
11th Floor
720 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario M5G 2K1
Tel: 416-325-5216
Fax: 416-325-4175

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dogs can smell an Ontario Liberal from a mile away...

The Ontario Liberals are well know for not being a friend to dogs and dog owners. Liberal MPP Dwight Duncan (Windsor--Tecumseh) voted in favor of the ban in Ontario. 

Even his dog knows he is no friend to dogs and their owners. Looks to me as though he is trying to escape and screaming HELP ME!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Liberal MPP David Zimmer claims the breed ban in Ontario is "old news"

The political parties have been hosting virtual town hall meetings via telephone. I actually listened in on one with my MPP a few months ago. They are a great way of connecting people without physically getting people "together". Basically you are called on your phone and you and several thousand other constituents listen in live to a Q and A, plus you are able to be put in queue and if chosen ask a question. 

A reader participated in a virtual town hall meeting with Liberal MPP David Zimmer (MPP for Willowdale) and Liberal MPP Kathleen Wynne (MPP for Don Valley West). 

Liz Sullivan (constituent in Don Valley West and Brindle Stick reader) was placed in queue chosen to ask the following question;

With the US Supreme Court ruling that pit bull bans are unconstitutional and where basically the Ontario Courts have come out calling the pit bull ban ABSURD & HARSH; yet thousands of dogs continue to be seized & destroyed based on looks along, while NOT PROVEN to be dangerous. SO knowing that you have received over a hundred thousand email asking you to repeal the ban, WILL you NOW support Hershey's Bill repealing the ban at this time?
According to Liz, the question seemed to take Zimmer back. She paraphrased his answer which came after a few silent breaks.. 

Zimmer's reply: 
These dogs are pit bulls and they are known to attack people! Now I know that we aren't hearing a lot about these attacks recently, but there are not many of them left. Pit bull attacks are down. The ban works. 
This is old news. People do not care about this issue anymore. They are more interested in questions about what is going on currently such as energy, economy, transportation...  

Here is a bit of David Zimmer background surrounding the topic of "old news" as he calls it.

The justification for bulldozing the legislation through in 2005 and stripping the rights of all dog owners in Ontario can be found from 2004 recorded in Hansard by Michael Bryant and David Zimmer. Remember the entire content is based on absolute propaganda! There is NO scientific evidence to prove any dog may be deemed dangerous based on breed and the word "pitbull" is not a breed. It is a slang term for a dog of unknown breed history.

Breed bans are based solely on targeting dogs on looks not behavior.

Committee hearings proved the Liberals were dead wrong with 86 of the 102 presentations consisting of experts from around the world, all speaking out AGAINST the ban. Countless jurisdictions have repealed breed bans based on solid research that they do nothing to stop dog attacks or increase public safety. The results of breed bans cause strife, stress, heartache and place innocent dog owners and dogs at risk of losing the family pet because of draconian beliefs. 

 Mr David Zimmer (Willowdale): We have heard from the Attorney General on the tremendous public support for this piece of legislation. We've heard about the tremendous sense of need out there in the community for this legislation, we've heard about the detailed consultation process that the attorney's office has gone through in arriving at this legislation, and we've heard the attorney make the point very eloquently about the qualitative difference between pit bulls and other breeds of dogs. (There was never any proof put forth surrounding a supposed 5000 emails in favor of ban or any other support beyond victims. Most "support" was based on newspaper articles and skewed US stats which differ greatly from Canada. Evidence was presented that there is NO scientific basis that any of the purebred dogs are different than any other breed of dog/ the rarity of the purebreds less than 1000 dogs all breeds combined in the province and you cannot identify a cross bred dog.) 
We can't forget Zimmer's moronic comment at committee hearing;
Mr. Zimmer: Because they're qualitatively different in the danger when they attack people and/or other animals. They're just qualitatively different. 
Ms. Holmes: I have never, ever been attacked by a dog such as a pit bull type of breed. I have been bitten by a chihuahua, but we don't seem to be concerned about those. I've had a chow come at me; we're not concerned about those.
Mr. Zimmer: Did the chihuahua take your leg off?
Ms. Holmes: No, but he did draw blood.
Mr. Zimmer: So does a mosquito.
Lest we forget the OSPCA Act fiasco that was passed by the McGuinty Liberals. The Act has proven problematic and put far too much power in the hands of a private charity. 

So Zimmer thinks the breed ban is "old news" huh?

Well Mr. Zimmer I wonder if Rui Branco and his family or the Gaspar family feel this issue is old news. Maybe the Branco family feel it is old news that their front door was kicked in, their dog Brittany was seized and held for 6 months while thousands of dollars were spent in court fighting for Brittany and Rambo's lives! There were no complaints against either of the dogs. The Gaspar's dog was spotted standing on top of his dog house in his own fenced backyard by Brampton Animal Control. Brittany is a sibling to Rambo (Gaspar family dog) and both are offspring of the other Branco family dog (a purebred/registered Boxer).

I wonder if Danny Truong thinks the breed ban is old news after being reported for owning a "pitbull" while taking his dog Bowser (Rottweiler/Boxer) cross to be neutered? Danny spent 2 years in court and thousands of dollars on legal fees to save his dog's life. 

I wonder if Philip Huggins thinks the breed ban is old news? His dog Ginger, who was out for a walk with his mother, November 29th 2005 (leashed and muzzled) was savagely attacked by an off leash dog. Ginger's owner was charged with 3 counts under DOLA. The city of Toronto tried to make a deal that he would not face charges if he handed Ginger over to be killed. Philip decided to fight for Ginger. Ginger spent 3 1/2 years in the pound until high profile lawyer Clay Ruby took over Philip's case and found Ginger was being unlawfully held. The provincial government were intervenor's in the case. Those darn Liberals sure are hellbent on killing dogs! They have intervened in numerous court cases against dog owners in Ontario. Quite a way to spend taxpayers dollars..

But that is old news....

There have been thousands of dogs killed in Ontario not for behavior but simply because of how they look. Many of them have been puppies! They are being identified as "pitbulls" and killed before they even have a chance at life.

There have been 2 people killed by dog attacks in the province of Ontario since the ban took effect. Neither of them were classified as "banned" dogs.

Dog attacks have not decreased in Ontario since the ban. Bans do not work and they never will. 

The Ontario provincial election is coming up October 6th, 2010.

David Zimmer, you and the rest of the McGuinty Liberals are "old news"! Start packin'...