Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Three cheers for a Mississauga Councillor

The dog she is referring to is Rambo, seized by animal control Christmas Day.
To catch up on the latest article from the Mississauga News, hit this link.
Rambo was allegedly identified as a "Texas red nose pitbull" by animal control. Hmmmm the AC are getting really sophisticated with the so called breed identification, aren't they? Not only is the dog being identified as a 'pitbull' which we all know doesn't exist, but they are getting all fancy on us and labelling Rambo as a "Texas red nose". As I said in an earlier post, what about a Visula/JRT?
In a quote from Carolyn Parrish; "The more I look into this law, the more foolish (I think) it is," said Parrish, a former member of parliament who admits she supported the dog control law at one time.
"It's not based on facts, science or common sense."

I was really starting to wonder if I had gone mad. It nearly brought me to tears to read this statement. Thank goodness someone in government has some common sense! Three cheers for Carolyn. I always liked Carolyn long before she was elected a councillor in Mississauga. 
Parrish goes on to say; "Given the imprecise definitions of a pitbull (which is not a specific breed) in the Act and the fact that parts of the definition have been struck down and are still under appeal".  Parrish said, "she believes Rambo can be proven not to be a pitbull and is not dangerous". 
I am now standing on my chair and waving my hands in the air.. is it a dream? If so, I hope I do not wake up.
Carolyn, hats off to you.. I would like to thank you for standing up and speaking your mind. I knew we could count on you. We have been shouting from the rooftops for over 4 years, but it has been like shouting at a brick wall.
John Stewart, who is a journalist at the Mississauga News, hats off to you.  You have been one of the first journalists to do your research and print truthful articles. I am grateful there is a journalist who cares about the truth. Thank you!
McGuinty, Bryant, Delaney and all other provincial Fib MPP's, wake up! If Carolyn is coming out, we all know she is speaking what most others are thinking, but don't have the ball$ to say. The fear campaign is OVER. You may as well drop your weapons. The 'ticking time bombs' are on a roll!

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