Saturday, March 1, 2008

Outrage over Munchie's death

Here is an excerpt from Social Mange blog:
The owners of Munchie, Sheila Yeung and Angela Feng, were working on Munchie's appeal and its financing when Toronto Animal Services killed Munchie. They weren't even told that Munchie had been killed; a reporter told them when he called them for their reaction.
Get the whole story from this link.
I simply can't believe the insensitivity and lack of compassion. It appears that Toronto Animal Services notified the media without notifying Munchie's owners that he had been killed! Munchie's owners didn't find out their dog was gone until 3 days after the fact! I simply cannot imagine. My heart goes out to Sheila and Angela.
What we are asking everyone to do is write the editors of local and national papers and let them know what you think of this injustice, this outrage. Make sure you send to only one at a time so your letter doesn't go into a spam filter, and that your full name, address and phone number are on the letter.

Editor, Toronto Star - lettertoed @ (without the spaces)
Editor, National Post - letters @ (without the spaces)
Editor, Globe & Mail - Letters @ (without the spaces)
Editor, Toronto Sun - torsun.editor @ (without the spaces)

In addition please email Mayor Miller to let him know your feelings.
mayor_miller @ (without the spaces)

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