Saturday, October 10, 2009

Denver's breed identification was challenged

In a case against the city of Denver where 3 “breed ID experts” identified a dog (Dexter) as a “pitbull”; Dexter's owner challenged this identification and won! 

My face is blue from mentioning this important tidbit of knowledge..
“Pitbull” is a slang term for a shape or look of dog. It IS NOT a breed! No wonder there are problems identifying something that cannot be defined and does not exist. Nobody is truly qualified to ID the breeds of a cross bred dog. Unless a dog is registered with a reputable dog registry, there is no way of proving the lineage of the animal. Fun game at the shelter but when your dog's life hangs on the balance, it isn't so damn fun anymore.. Unless you are a sociopathic dog killer (Kory Nelson and gang in Denver).

A comment was made that thousands of mis-identified family pets have likely lost their lives as a result of Denver Animal Control mis-identifying. Ya THINK? See previous post!  

In an excerpt from an article at The Westword News it was not Dexter who actually did anything wrong, AC was called regarding another issue with a different dog. 

Kevin O'Connell was away on business when he got a call from a Denver animal-control
officer: His dog, a Presa Canario, had mauled a Chihuahua. O'Connell, a
civil engineer who lives in Thornton,
had left his two dogs with a friend who lives in Denver; he gave the
officer his friend's address. Then his friend called: She said that
animal-control officers had shown up at her house, but instead of
impounding the Presa Canario, they'd taken his other dog, Dexter, who'd
been in her back yard.
“What?” O'Connell replied. “Why?”
“They say he's a pit bull.”

It is high time for the WITCH HUNTERS  to give it up. Seek therapy for your irrational fears and get on with your life. If you truly want to do something constructive about protecting public safety from irresponsible dog owners then take a look at the Responsible Dog Ownership bylaw in Calgary, Alberta. No targeting breeds, discrimination or throwing responsible dog owners under the bus in Calgary. Simple, enforceable, common sense bylaws that have been in place for nearly 2 decades and is a proven winner!
Denver's going down baby!

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