Friday, September 28, 2007

Calgary, dog owners are the city's customers!

Brent at KC Dog Blog has nicely summarized Bill Bruce's presentation to their Canine Legislation Conference.

Bill is the manager of Animal Control for Calgary and, based on the comments here, that city is incredibly far ahead in their animal control philosophy.
Note that when the Ontario Liberal government was asked to allow Bill to make a verbal presentation to their Dog Owners' Liability Act committee hearings, they refused.
Yet they met personally with Tim Dack from Winnipeg, a city that has had a breed ban in place since 1991, yet was only able to reduce their dog bites 10 years later when they copied Calgary's policies.
Talk about ignoring the experts and only listening to people who parrot exactly what you're trying to ram through!
Click here to read Brent's summary of Bill's presentation
Note that the "KC" mentioned throughout his article refers to Kansas City, where Brent is based.

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