Sunday, March 28, 2010

Horrifying allegations toward the OSPCA/THS

I was horrified to read several articles at One Bark at a Time about 5 well liked, short haired mix breeds and 19 cats were killed on Friday. According to the author, all of the dogs were waiting on transport and were approved for alternate shelters and rescues to re-home them. 

Black Friday at the Toronto Humane Society
We Failed You
Not good enough
Both the Toronto Humane Society management and the OSPCA are defending the euthanasia decisions but getting consistent reasons for the euthanasias is difficult. Initial responses were that the animals were all put down for health reasons but it was obvious to everyone who knew the dogs that they were not unhealthy. Aggressive behaviours and assessment test failures coupled with unadoptability were also brought up as reasons. This also did not sit well with staff and volunteers who believe these dogs to have been non-aggressive and adoptable.
Thank you One Bark at a Time for your excellent coverage of the OSPCA/THS situation. Your coverage from the get go has been thorough and informative. 

Another article at, read it here.

Sickening, what is happening in this province!

Social Mange also has a really good post; There are so many games afoot and animals are the pawns.

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