Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Words of encouragement from Parkdale/Highpark MPP Cheri DiNovo

NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo posted a nice note of encouragement today on facebook that I thought I would share with everyone.

From Cheri DiNovo:

Dog lovers: Thank you for your thousands of emails calling for the overturning of Breed Specific Legislation. I feel confidant there's enough support at QP we can win this after October the 6th. Keep up your activism!

Thank you Cheri for your words of encouragement. This has been a long, difficult and winding road. It is difficult for me (I'll speak for myself) to recall what it was like when we dog owners actually had protection under the law in this province. Feels like a distant memory of what it felt like to not have to look over your shoulder hoping you could fly under the radar of ignorance for another day.. Hoping you won't be that person who gets targeted today...

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