Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reason # 16 why Dalton McGuinty must go!

The Dalton McGuinty Green Energy Strategy for Solar Power in Rural Ontario Scandal - Where Dalton McGuinty offered Ontario Working Families in Rural Ontario 80 cents per kWh if they implemented small solar power installations on their properties, only to renege on that deal and chop that rate to 58.8 cents, after many Ontarians already invested in the technology.
In addition to the rate slashing, many Rural Ontarians are now being told that their contracts can no longer be fulfilled, after they've invested their retirement incomes into these Solar Power Systems. This is how Dalton McGuinty protects Ontarian's.
The McGuinty Liberal government is incompetent.
October 6th please vote and please vote for the candidate most likely to unseat the Liberal!

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